Remove these Apps to Get Best Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones are becoming more smarter and smarter, but in terms of battery life, they can’t survive for a whole day. You can see today’s phones are thinner than before. For that reason, they have small batteries to maintain the thickness. If your phone has a large battery, that means it is thicker. But, there is a way to get best smartphone battery life on your phone. If you can optimize your phone, then you’ll get best battery life as well as performance.
Best Smartphone Battery Life 2023
The main reason behind quick battery draining is the applications. When you buy a smartphone, you start installing many apps you can. They not only eat your storage but also affect the battery life. There are some types of apps, who are the main reason behind low battery life. I have listed some categories of apps which could hamper battery life. So, follow the list and remove them to get best smartphone battery life on Android, iPhone or Windows.

Get Best Smartphone Battery Life 2023

Here are some tips and tweaks to extend Android battery life. If you want longer battery life on your smartphone, then uninstall the following apps.

Weather Apps

Weather apps help you to know the current weather details on your smartphone. These apps run frequently on the background and use the Internet connection to keep you updated with the latest weather news. They also use your GPS to track your current location.

If you are moving from one place to another place, then show you the weather details of your current location. If you want to get best smartphone battery life, then remove them. Instead of these apps, you can use Google to know the current weather details. Here are some Google tips and tricks you should know.

Antivirus Apps

Earlier, I have posted on best Antivirus for Android devices. These apps protect your device from malware, spyware, and unwanted threats. But, these are useful for heavy Internet and application users. If your phone’s configuration is low, the I would not recommend any antivirus app for your phone.

These apps are not only decreasing your battery life but also decrease the performance. As a normal user, you don’t need an Antivirus on your smartphone or tablet. So, uninstall these apps to get best smartphone battery life on Android or iOS.

Mapping Apps

Mapping apps like Google maps are very useful for travelers who frequently travels. Mapping apps are available for all smartphone platforms to navigate you the correct path. These apps use your phone’s GPS network as well as the Internet connection to show you the path.

Google Map comes with every Android phone as a system app and you can’t remove it. So, follow the article to remove system apps on Android without root. If a mapping app is necessary for you, you can use any lightweight app like GPS Tracker Pro or Waze. This will help you to increase best smartphone battery life.

Cleaner Apps

Cleaner apps are very useful to increase your smartphone’s battery life. They usually clear you phone’s junk files and cache to boost the performance. They always keep watching on your phone’s app behavior to close clean the junk files as well as background programs.

If your phone’s configuration is low and you want the best smartphone battery life 2023, then you should remove them. Alternatively, you can use the manual process to speed up Android phone without rooting.

Default Browser

If you are using the default browser app on your smartphone, then stop using it right now. It consumes more battery than the other apps, and of course, it is not much faster. Here is the way to speed sp Chrome browser on Android devices.

There are many fastest web browsers available on Play store as well as iTunes for downloading. UC browser is also a good choice in terms of performance, data usage and it requires less energy to run. These apps provide best smartphone battery life for browsing.

Data Monitor Apps

Many users have the bad habit of data monitoring. They use data monitor app to track their Internet data usage because nowadays no mobile Internet plan is coming with unlimited data.

If you are using 3g or 4G data packs on your phone, the you have a monitor to watch your data. But, don’t use these apps for best smartphone battery life. Every smartphone has a default data tracking option as well as you can control the usage.

Shopping Apps

E-commerce companies are increasing day by day. They usually offer a good discount when you shop any product using their mobile app. That’s why many people prefer online shopping through mobile devices.

The bad truth of these apps are, they usually consume more battery than other apps. They also run in the background and slow down our phone’s performance. It would be better to remove shopping apps from your smartphone for best smartphone battery life.

Instead of removing these apps, you can use best battery saver app for Android. If you are not concern about the battery, then don’t think about these. But, if you have a smaller battery, then remove these apps now for best smartphone battery life 2023.

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