10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android to Increase Battery Life

The majority of people are using android Smartphone and most of them are facing a problem about phone’s battery life. Those phones have a high quality of battery does not suffer from this problem, but the chipper phones are facing battery life problem. In Google Plays Store, there are a large number of best battery saving apps for android in 2021 are available but an Android user can use only one app for battery saving. So, here is the question that, which is the best battery saving app for android?

Owning an Android is not a big deal, you can get an Android smartphone by just spending Rs.3000-4000. But, to maintain the battery level with this low-end phone id very tough. Less price phone means the battery capacity is also low, but with the best optimization, it may perform well.

Best Android Battery Saving Apps

If you have an Android device, then here are some tweaks to Extend Android Battery Life. Before installing a battery saver app, you need to know what actually it is and how it works. A best battery saver app for Android is a simple application, which increases battery performance of a Smartphone. When you travel or in a situation when you cannot recharge your phone’s battery, at that time you prevent doing the unnecessary thing on your phone. The function of a best battery saver app is similar like this. It stops the uneasy background process in your phone through which your phone battery life increases.


10 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android 2021

Today WhatTechSays is going to give a small description about top five best battery saving app which android user most likes.

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1# DU Battery Saver app for Android

DU Battery Saver is presented by DU apps studio. It is the best battery saver app for Android 2021. It is easy to use and simple Android battery doctor. It is a free android application, which is available Google Play Store. According to the apps maker, it can increase your phone’s battery from 50 to 70 percent. If DU battery saver is installed on your Android device, It’ll eliminate all your battery killer processes and background apps to make your battery for the lengthy run.

2# Battery Doctor – Best Battery Saver app for Android

Battery Doctor is also a free best battery saving app for Android, which can increase your phone batter 50% more long working. This is as well easy to install and use. It is available in 27 languages that mean you can set it in your own language. Battery Doctor utilizes the best methods of batteries charging to specific percentages, never letting your charge go below a certain volume, using up fewer cycles. If you use Battery Doctor a bit then you’ll probably find a few optimizations that give you more peace of mind.

3# GO Battery Saver

GO Battery Saver is a professional best Android battery saver app and said to be the optimum and most-used app. More than 15 million android users use GO Battery Saver. Features like power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control and power testing make it more reliable and easy to use. If your battery is dying very fast, and you don’t know which app is eating your battery then this is the best solution for you. By tapping the optimize button, in substance, cleans up unnecessary, resource-sucking processes and tacks on some additional predicted life.

4# Super Battery Saver

More than 10 million user of android also uses super Battery Saver. It increases your battery performance around 50%. It does not only increase the performance of battery but also checks battery status, health, temperature and more which is helpful for monitoring the battery of the device. So, it is another cool battery saver app for Android.

5# Easy Battery Saver

It is also one of the most used and downloaded battery saving apps for Android 2021. It is most efficient and comfortable to use. Easy Battery Saver is a free android application and available in Google Play Store. This app improves your Android phone’s battery life considerably so you can use your phone longer without charging. In some ways, it works the same Du Battery Save does, but it’s unique features make it more reliable. This battery saver app has 4 preset saving buttons and advanced customized modes such as General Saving Mode, Intelligent Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and Advanced Customized Mode.

6# Juice Defender

Juice Defender is another best battery saver app for Android 2021 developed by Latedroid. It is available in three versions; FREE, Plus (1.99$), and Ultimate (4.99$). This app is packed with smart functions that automatically control the battery-draining components of your android mobile. The different features are like different user profiles, advanced WiFi/3G data management, Scheduling, deeper and enhanced GPS control to maintain battery fluctuations to constant. With various preset modes, you can easily save and improve your battery performance.

7# Avast Battery Saver

Avast is known for its light weight and powerful protection products. It is also the best antivirus for Android devices. Avast battery saver application is one of the best battery saver apps for Android smartphone users. According to the company this app optimizes the phone performance and increases the battery life of your android mobile by 60%. It controls the Internet connection, screen brightness and optimize your phone’s settings to increase the battery life. By using this app, you can also examine CPU & RAM utilization and can also examine which app is taking most of your android opera[ting system sources so that you can uninstall them or can select an alternative app.

8# Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

Battery optimizer and cleaner is a great battery saver app for Android which is combined made by intel and McAfee. It can easily free up your smartphone’s memory and RAM, cleans junk files, monitor data usage to enhance the battery life. It is the best solution for phone cleaning and optimizing. If you don’t want to use two apps on your mobile phone to clean junk files and increase battery life, then you should try this.

9# CM Battery

CM is well known for its security apps. CM Battery app is the best battery saver app for android 2021. If you are using a low budget phone and your internal memory is low, then it is the best choice for you. It is only 1.9 MB in size, which is most suitable battery saving app for Android. Some of the unique features of CM Battery Saver are one tap to save battery power, clean and innovative design, Smart charge screensaver, powerful app management and many more.

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10# 3x battery saver – iBattery

3x battery saver is another battery saving app for Android which is simple, easy and yet the most powerful app to extend your battery life. Unlike other listed apps, it will not disconnect you from the Internet but it will close all those apps which are eating your battery life instead of disconnecting you from the Internet. It only disconnects the Internet when your phone is in sleep mode.


The above 5 are the most popular and used the best battery saving apps for android. All these apps are good rated android application. All these apps are good ratings that mean all are good quality and trusted application and best battery saver app for Android 2021. There are also more applications are available in Google Play Store and other application downloading site. However, there is a suggestion for all our visitors before installing, please read all the terms and condition carefully.