System Mechanic – Tune Up Your Computer Performance

When taking a look at any program, we always have a few questions and the first of those questions is…

Who is System Mechanic for?

Taking a look at System Mechanic and the iolo technologies website, the first thing that should be clarified is that the program does not work for Mac, so if you only use Mac, sorry, System Mechanic will not work for you. If you have a PC though, System Mechanic is for you if you have an older machine that has slowed down and needs to be tuned-up, or if you have a newer machine that you want to keep running smoothly and that you want o be able to get the most out of performance wise.

If you have that older machine, System Mechanic has a feature set of more than 50 apps that can dig in deep and do the heavy lifting in the cleaning department to get the computer freed up to run the way it used to. If you have that new machine, you can use System Mechanic’s tools individually to do things like optimize your Internet connection to the highest speed or simply do some regular defragging to keep things in top shape inside your PC and speed up your computer performance.

Okay, so you know whether or not you want System Mechanic now, but once you have the product, what exactly can it do? Is the next question?

What can System Mechanic do?

The number-one thing that System Mechanic can do is speed up your computer, Improving start-up time, optimizing Internet speed and increasing the responsiveness of the system in real-time with its LiveBoost Technology, System Mechanic can make your PC experience a faster one a number of ways.
how to speed up your computer
Along with that, System Mechanic can just plain clean-up your computer (but only on the inside, you’ll have to bust out the spray and cleaner yourself on the outside). Removing junk files and getting rid of programs that you do not need, System Mechanic gets rid of a lot of the things on your PC that bog it down.

System Mechanic can also take over the problems that may be plaguing your PC. Regularly updated to adapt to the current PC climate, System Mechanic uses iolo Labs to diagnose and fix a number of different problems that can hurt a PC.

Now that you know what System Mechanic can do, there are a couple of easy questions to answer from here…

Where can you buy System Mechanic?

You can find System Mechanic at a lot of retailers like Wal Mart, Target or Best Buy if you are in the US, but the easiest and most-efficient way to get System Mechanic is by going to

How much does System Mechanic cost?

System Mechanic’s list price is $49.95, but you can frequently find it discounted on the iolo website and other retailers.

What if I am not sure about purchasing yet?

Then you can check out the free version of System Mechanic, System Mechanic Free –


I have been using it from past several weeks and I can say it is the best application to speed up your computer performance in an affordable price.

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