Everything You Need To Know About Computer Clean Up
February 1, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About Computer Clean Up

It is the phenomenon in which storage space is used inefficiently and reduces the capacity of performance or both storage systems. Sometimes, fragmentation is also known as file system aging.
Computer Clean Up

How does Computer Clean Up work?

Computer clean up occurs when the file system or a computer can’t allocate enough contiguous space for storing. The new pile is put in between the gape of old or existing file. The gape is generated by frequently deleting files by the operating system.

When a new file is stored and has not enough contiguous or continuous space in the storage then the operating system decides the new files into fragments and puts it in between the gap or existing files. This is basically known as fragmentation.

By fragmentation, storage efficiency is increasing. If an operating system does not fragment file, then when a file saving in the storage and the storage does not have contiguous space for storing the operating system does not store the file due to lack of memory space though it has enough space.

Although fragmentation increases the efficiency of the storage but it reduces the performance rate of the computer.

There are three basic reason for fragmentation:

  • Low free space.
  • Frequently deletion of file.
  • Overuse of sparse files.

Why Defragmentation is Necessary?

When files in a file system are non-sequential, it needs to be defragmenting the files that is rearranging it in sequential order. The benefits of defragmentation are as follows:

Faster and Efficient Application

Application runs faster and efficiently when disk defragmentation occurs. It group files tougher for which it is eased to access the file.

Increase Security Efficiency

When files are less fragmented, anti-virus takes less time for scanning.

Error Reducing

Defragmentation can find out the sector in storage that could potentially damage the data. If your file stored at that sector defragmentation replaces the files from that sector.

Increase Life Period of Hard Drive

It decreases the density of the mechanical part of the hard drive because the data is in one place. It reduces the wear and tear of the hard drive and increases the life period of hard drive.

How to Done Defragmentation?

It is a simple technique and done through two ways to clean up your computer.

Through Operation System

In the windows operation system there is an inbuilt technique for disk defragmentation. Following are the step for how to defrag disk in windows:

1) From desktop view double click on My Computer.

2) After opening My computer, Right-click on any drive and click on Properties.
Computer Clean Up
3) In Properties window select Tools tab and click on the Defragment now… button.
Computer Clean Up
4) After that a Disk Defragmenter windows will appear. From hear you have to select the drive that you need to defragment.
Computer Clean Up
5) After selecting the selected drive, it will appear in blue color.

6) Now click on Analyze disk button for analyzing your disk.

7) After Analyzing click on Defragment disk. It may take several minutes for defragmentation.

Through External Software

There are several free computer cleaner available on internet for defragment disk and drive. Some famous disk defragmentation tools are follow:

1) Diskeeper by Diskeeper Corporation and Microsoft. (free & paid)

2) O&O Defrag by O&O Software (free & paid)

3) Defraggler by Piriform (free & paid)

4) Norton Utilities by Symantec (trial & paid)

5) MyDefrag by Jeroen Kessels (free)

My Opinion

After this post, I don’t think that there is any need to give any opinion for computer clean up. However, I left an opinion that is totally my experiences, that by disk defragmentation procedure, you can faster your PC or Laptop, as well as the hard drive life and performance, will also increase.

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