7 Reasons Why not to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 10
January 31, 2024

7 Reasons Why not to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 10


There are plenty of good reasons as well as bad reasons behind the rooting access. If you are looking for the reasons on why not to jailbreak iPhone or iPad, then you’ll get few. But as a new user, you shouldn’t ignore them. You should know all the good and bad results of an action before proceed. While the jailbreaking procedure is fairly simple pain-free, that’s the not really the only barrier that you may come across. Actually, jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad really isn’t a barrier initially.

Top Reasons not to Jailbreak iOS 10

Reasons Why not to Jailbreak iPhone
I’m going to show you top reasons why you should not install Cydia on your iPhone and at the same time, I’ll try and tell you why it’s not as bad as it sounds.

#1. Void Warranty

Apple is not the favor of jailbreaking. But, if you are doing it, then you’ll void your device’s warranty. It isn’t illegal by any means, but it violates Apple’s End User License Agreement. During the procedure if you break your iDevice, then the service center will not repair your device in free of cost during the warranty period. But the good thing is, if you could remove the jailbreak on your device before going to the service center, then it will again come under the warranty. Jailbreaking in the past does not mean, or warranty is voided, just currently being jailbroken.

#2. You Can’t Update iOS

Apple frequently patches the jailbreaking procedure and add more security on every major update. So, if your device is jailbroken and you want to enjoy it for further, then you can’t update your device. Because it takes the time to release the next jailbreaking procedure for your device. The same procedure may work on the minor updates (like from iOS 9.0.0 to iOS 9.0.2), but a major doesn’t support it. Some users can live with the older version because a huge range of Cydia tweaks are available to experience the latest iOS on the previous version. But many users find it difficult not to update to the latest version of iOS.

#3. iOS Instability

Probably one of the top reasons not to jailbreak iPhone or iPad is iOS instability. All Cydia tweak are not completely compatible the iOS. Whenever you install a new tweak on your device, there is a possibility that it could create problems on your operating system like boot loops or sudden restarts, etc. A pro user can easily handle these issues, but for a new user like you could be a headache. This is the reason why people don’t prefer jailbreaking on iPhone or iPad.

#4. Battery Life

Jailbreaking may negatively affect your battery life on your device. There are some tweaks that are known to cause the battery drains. You really have to pay attention to what you install on your device. So, do a little bit of research before applying any tweak. One of the biggest reasons to concern is the animations. The visual effects can also drain your battery faster. I would also recommend using battery monitoring apps to monitor whether drains are coming from.

#5. Malware Attack

Malware can happen and has in the past. It has generally been seen that jailbroken devices easily get damaged by malware attacks through apps. There have been two major cases where a lot of people with a jailbreak have been affected. However, it is very rare and usually, there are patches that released in Cydia that patches the issues. So, I saw something I personally worry about.

#6. Pay to use Cydia Tweaks

Jailbreaking itself is absolutely free. You should never pay to jailbreak. However, a lot of people get into jailbreaking thinking everything is free. But the truth is, the Cydia app store is full of paid it tweaks. So, in order to get along the good stuff you do have to dish out some money. So, think twice before getting into this procedure. You have to pay for trying the best tweaks on the store which is not for everyone.

#7. Not for Mac Users

As what seems to be the case, every new jailbreaking tool first releases for Windows computers. If you want to try the new tool on the very first, then you should have Windows machine to jailbreak your device. You could run a Windows OS on your Mac system with the help of a virtual machine, but this is not something we would recommend for new users.

Should I Jailbreak?

These are the top reasons why not to jailbreak iPhone or iPad on iOS 10. Everyone has to weigh the risks and advantages of jailbreaking for themselves. If you like these stuff and has been tried stuff like this, then you should try Cydia tweaks, otherwise not.

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