How to Send WhatsApp Group Messages Using Siri Voice Assistant

Beneath this new upgrade, WhatsApp has expanded the Siri support inside the program to permit users to send messages by simply using their own voice.

Apple has opened Siri to third-party developers from its own iOS 10 upgrade and WhatsApp has now turned into one of the very first Programs to make the most of the possibility, enabling iPhone users to deliver WhatsApp Messages and set WhatsApp calls utilizing Siri. Well, in order to use this feature, you need iOS 10 in your iPhone.

How to Use Siri to Send WhatsApp Group Messages on iPhone

Use Siri to Send WhatsApp Group Messages on iPhone
Send WhatsApp Group Messages Using Siri Voice Assistant

Presently, WhatsApp on iPhone currently individual chats via Siri. For this, all you want to do is inform Siri to send a message to a friend by calling their name accompanied by this message.

When I am on the go or relaxing, I would rather use Siri to carry out some tasks like sending email, making FaceTime calls and much more. Thus, I was waiting for this update for quite a while.

Now that it’s rolled out, I’m set to give it a go.

What about you?

Before the guide, make sure that you are using the latest version of WhatsApp messenger. Well, without wasting your time let’s jump to the tutorial.

Step #1. In order to make this happening, you have to allow WhatsApp to use Siri. To do so, navigate to the path Settings app → Siri & Search → WhatsApp and then turn on the switch next to Use with Siri.

allow WhatsApp to use Siri

Step #2. Now, open Siri on your iPhone.

Step #3. Now, follow the command like, “Send a message to WhatsApp group [name].”

For Example: sent “Hello Everybody” message to Whatsapp TechGuide Group.

end WhatsApp Group Messages Using Siri Voice Assistant

Note: If you have multiple groups with the same name, then Siri will display the list of the similar names. You just need to select the desired group which you want to send the message.

Step #4. Now, you need to specify the message and confirm. Then, send it. That’s it.


This is all about how to send WhatsApp group messages using Siri on iPhone. Aside from that, the new upgrade also has added a networking preview feature on iOS notifications.

After getting the new upgrade, you do not have to open WhatsApp each time in your own iPhone to find photographs or GIFs. What’s more, users are supposedly in a position to preview GIFs using the Peek and Pop gesture in their iPhone 6s and over or swiping the telling.

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