IOTransfer 3 Pro Review – Quick iPhone & iPad Manager for Windows

The age-old complaint about iOS users has been the reliance on iTunes to copy and transfer files and photos from your device. Of course, you can always use the cloud, but it comes at an additional cost once the initial distance is full. Now, an increasing number of applications seem to be developing to beat the dreaded iTunes and free iOS users from its shackles. IOTransfer 3 will let you access your device along with its contents to transfer them anywhere you want.

What is IOTransfer?

IOTransfer 3 Pro Review

IOTransfer Pro, one among the ideal 1-Click iOS file manager software for Windows system which helps Apple users to manage their iOS devices and data more efficiently and effortlessly. Not only does the brand-new IOTransfer service 1-click file transfers between different iOS devices perfectly, but also greatly improves the transfer speed. As a result of significant upgrades to a new item, IOTransfer is now one of few providers in the industry to provide a powerful 1-click batch transfer function which allows the users simply take care of iOS files and data with greater convenience and ease.

IOTransfer 3 Review

IOTransfer 3 is an easy-to-use iPhone and iPad manager, iOS file transfer and management tool. With IOTransfer 3, users can transfer photos, music, videos, podcasts, voice memos and more from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes, computers or alternative iOS devices in bulk with only one simple click. In addition, the new version comes with several powerful new features. Well, let’s discuss what is new in the V3.

IOTransfer 3 Pro Features

Here I have listed some unique features of IOTransfer 3 Pro that doesn’t exist on other software. Let’s have a look at them.

10. AirTrans – Wireless Transfer (new)

AirTrans - Wireless Transfer

There is a separate tab to transfer your files wirelessly. Now, you can completely get rid of the USB cable and iTunes. If your computer and your device (iPhone and iPad) are connected to the same WIFI network, then you can easily exchange files between the two devices without using a cable. Actually, this feature is too useful for me. Because, I don’t like to put out the cable everytime from the charger in order to transfer files.

To make this happens, you need to install the AirTrans app from the App Store. Once you install the app, open it and select the desired files to transfer. Now, scan the qr code and the files will be transfered to your PC. That’s it.

9. Video Converter (new)

Video Converter

In addition to the video section, it has added a video converter tool to it. Now you can convert the download online videos or the existing videos in your computer to different audio and video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more. The best part of this converter is, it always maintains the quality of the video but compresses it to save the space.

8. New & Modern UI

IOTransfer 3 Pro Modern UI

The best part of this tool is the design. The new and modern look make the interface clean and easy to use. The tool is now capable of displaying more detailed information about the connected iOS device.

7. Backup & Restore Contacts

IOTransfer 3 Pro Backup

It has a built-in contact management tool, which allows you to manage, backup & restore contacts between iOS devices and PC.

6. iOS Cleaner

IOTransfer 3 Pro Cleaner

Junk files make your smartphone slow. With IOTransfer 3 you can easily scan and clean junk files and caches from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in one click.

5. Online Video Downloader

IOTransfer 3 Pro Video Downloader

The new Online Video Downloader helps you to download videos from 100+ websites including YouTube, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion to PC, iPhone & iPad. You just need to paste the video URL and it’ll download and transfer the HQ video within few seconds.

4. Fast Transfer

IOTransfer 3 is much more quickly than iTunes. You can transfer more than 500 photos within a minute. You can also transfer songs, videos, apps, podcasts, iBooks and voice memos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computers easily and fast.

3. One Click Sync

It is a great program for those users who are looking for a solution to sync their files with their computer. With one-click sync, you can easily sync your files with iTunes, PC and with your devices.

2. Powerful Search Tool

Searching files had never been easy before. You can easily get your desired files instantly by using its powerful search function.

1. Fully Supported the Latest iOS and iTunes

You don’t need to worry about the software compatibility in your iDevice and computer. It is fully supported on the device running iOS 8.3, and will fully support the coming iOS 12.

How to use IOTransfer?

To use IOTransfer, you need to install iTunes on your Windows computer. Without iTunes you can’t access the files on an iOS device; so it is necessary. After installing iTunes on your computer, it’ll ask you to grant the permission from both of your computer and iOS device.

Once you have the permission, you are ready to use the IOTransfer software. Now you can export, import and manage iOS files including photos, music, videos, books, voice memos of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch from your computer.

My Opinion

I have used several iOS file management tools, but believe me, IOTransfer 3 is the best among them. iTunes is the free and complicated iOS management tool, but IOTransfer is unique, simple, fast and easy to use too to manage your iPhone or iPad effectively. The best part of this software is the wireless transfer and in addition you are getting a powerful online video downloader with video convertion feature.

You can use IOTransfer 3 Pro in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 systems. To make it compatible with your system your device must have iOS 8 or later. The Trial version has some limitations and to use it’s Pro version you have to pay $24.99 for one user license for a year.

IOTransfer 3 Pro
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IOTransfer 3 is a lightweight, yet powerful iOS management tool, which helps you to transfer files wirelessly. You can also use this tool to download online videos and convert your existing videos to different audio and video formats.iotransfer-review