Best WiFi Apps for Rooted Android to Prank with Friends

Actually rooting is permission, that unlocks the administrator access on a phone. You can check a lot of benefits of a rooted smartphone. So, people love to do it.

If you are interested in doing powerful works with your Android, then a normal application can’t do it. Everyone knows Android has based on the Linux operating system, which is more secure and powerful; for that reason, you need to access the root privilege to run a powerful app.

All these three free WIFI hacking apps for Android are only for educational purposes, so don’t misuse them.

Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Rooted Android Phones 2024

WiFi Kill

This is the best WIFI hacking app for rooted Android phones. You can stop any one or all from using the Internet of your WIFI network. If you are connected with a public or school WIFI network, you can easily detect and stop them from accessing the Internet.

This application is no longer available in Play Store or its official website due to the legal issue. If you are interested in downloading this app, then Google it or comment below with your email for the link. There is a complete tutorial to using WIFI Kill on Android; you can check.

Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer
Network Spoofer is another WIFI hacking app for rooted Android phones and tablets. It does the work as like its name. You can mess with people’s WIFI network from your Android device.

By using this application, you can change YouTube videos, URL, Image, flip contents, title and many more. This is an amazing software to prank with your friends, but don’t use it on public networks.

It also works with multiple spoofs at once but doesn’t work on SSL networks. [link]


zANTI - Best WiFi Apps for Rooted Android
It is a little bit different and advanced than other two apps. You can see what people are browsing and downloading on the network.

It automatically changes HTTPS connections to normal HTTP. You can be also able to see the login details of other users. It is one of the best WIFI hacking apps for Android I have ever used. [link]

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These are the best WIFI hacking apps for rooted Android smartphone users. Try all these applications on your home WIFI network and don’t use them in the wrong way. In the future, I’ll add more for you.

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