Forget Power Button, Turn Android On or Off Using Motion

This is 2015, and we are living in a super powered technology world. Our gadgets are becoming smatter. Later, we were using the power button to turn the phone on or off. Then, double tap functionality came into action and now the time of motion.
Turn Android On or Off Using Motion
Are you still using the power button? If yes, then forget it. Now your Smartphone will automatically wake up, when you just take it and turn off automatically when you put it on the floor or pocket. How it is possible? Now it is possible through your phone’s sensors.

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Sensor is a device to sense the environment. Proximity sensor is used to detect nearby objects without any physical contact. There is an application named “Gravity Screen,” which uses proximity sensor and accelerometers and other sensors to give you a motion-powered alternative to the power button.

How to Use Gravity Screen?

Go to the Google’s Play Store and download the Gravity Screen application. After installed it’ll show you it’s magic. If you put your Android phone down on a flat surface like table or bed, Gravity Screen turns off the screen. Just pick up the phone and the screen wakes again.
Turn Android On or Off Using Motion
This app can also feel if you have put your Smartphone in the pocket and deactivate the display. And if your device has a proximity sensor, you can basically wave your hand over it when it is lying on the surface, and the screen will back to life.
Turn Android On or Off Using Motion
You can simply start and pause this app directly on the notification bar. It always shows the activity on the bar. To hide the icon on the notification bar just uncheck the “Notification” option from the application settings.

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There is a lot of settings you’ll get with this application. You can also manage the sensibility of the sensor. Just tap on the On/Off button from the app setting to make it enable and disable.

I have been using it on my SONY Xperia Z2 from last five days, and I can say it is an amazing and intelligent application for Android users. There is also a paid version of this app is available to add unlock feature using sensor. If you have any query regarding to its settings, then feel free to comment below.
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