Secure your Smartphone from Virus and Hacker Attack

Believe me, you are going to learn a lot of things which you might not be aware of. So be with us and learn something about the basic and advanced ways to secure your new smartphone.

Secure your Smartphone from Virus and Hacker Attack

Use of smartphone is increasing day by day and it becomes the target of viruses and hackers. A McAfee report says that 62% of smartphone user doesn’t know how to protect their phone from various problems.

To secure your smartphone from Virus and Hacker attack, you must have to know the basic protocol of security.

New technologies are developing for mobile. Every year, millions of phones are selling to fulfill our basic needs, like entertainment, banking, shopping, socializing, etc.

In the case of online transactions over mobile needs your private details like account number, password, contact details, etc. Hackers attack to get these details from your mobile. All over the world, there are close to 90% of android smartphone user faces virus and security issues.

The first mobile attack occurred in 2004 via Bluetooth. After that, every year it is increasing via different mediums. Here are some steps to prevent your phone from get attacked by malware or Hackers.

How to Secure Your Phone From Hackers

Here, you will get to know some of the proactive and tested ways to secure your phone from hackers easily. Lets get started.

#1 Don’t use your phone over public Internet networks.

In a public Internet connection, many devices are connected to one source. You may get attacked by others, via that source.

#2 Keep Bluetooth/Wi-Fi turned off, when you are not using.

These two mediums are easy to access by someone.

#3 Always use a secure Internet connection before using your private account details.

A secure connection secures your details from unauthorized access by security protocols.

#4 Don’t open email from unknown sources.

Many anonymous emails contain unbelievable promotional offers to make fool someone. Maybe, they are susceptible to various problems.

#5 Keep your device updated.

Always try to keep updated with the latest version of your mobile operating system. It decreases your security issue.

#6 Use a good antivirus program.

Antivirus keeps your smartphone secure from unwanted maladies.

#7 Don’t use any app from unfamiliar source.

If you download any app from unknown source and install it in your device, then that may be harmful for your phone.

#8 Turn off your autocomplete feature

It may look very basic but it can save your personal data from being accessed automatically. Try to turn off the autocomplete features on your smartphone.

#9 Regularly delete your browsing history, cookies, and cache

Always try to remove the browsing history, cooking, and cache memory from your existing smartphone. Doing so actually helps you to remove your virtual footprint from the phone. As a result, the hackers have very little to no information about you on your phone.

What is Phishing Attack?

Phishing” Attack is a type of online attack where the hackers try to trick you into entering a password into an untrusted app or webpage. So, in our opinion please don’t visit any kind of untrusted sited on the internet ever.

Does using a pattern safeguard our phones ?

Yes, upto some extent using a hard pattern safeguards our phones from easy access. But it is recommended to use good quality of security apps and software on your phones to enhance its security.

Bottom Line

There is nothing that fully secures your smartphone but always tries to do your best. Follow these above rules to prevent your phone to get attacked. If you just follow these above-mentioned measures then definitely you are going to safeguard your personal as well as sensitive data from these hackers.

If you feel like you have gained some knowledge from this post then do follow our blog as well. If possible please share this article with your friends and make them aware to secure their phone from virus and hackers for good.

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