What is TikTok Testers and How to Join?

Like every other short video platform, TikTok also has a tester program. In order to test the upcoming features and for suggesting new features for the platform, these TikTok Testers are made to test the app and its features. So that the TikTok platform could be made better.

Apart from that, we will be providing you with all the important information related to TikTok Testers. This information comprises the following questions.

  1. What are TikTok Testers?
  2. Are TikTok Testers Paid for their Work?
  3. Should I Join Tiktok Testers?
  4. How to Become a TikTok tester?

In this article, you will have a glimpse of all your questions being answered, which are related to the TikTok Tester Beta Program.

Without any more waiting, let’s just dive in!

Who are TikTok Testers?

TikTok Testers are just like any other testers who want to test the existing TikTok Platform to provide the necessary feedback to developers.

What is TikTok Testers

Since they are TikTok Testers so obviously, they have more expertise in using this video-sharing app from the user’s point of view. Also as they have chosen to do the work testing so definitely have much interest in using this app.

Also, the testers have the advantage of using the beta version of the TikTok app, and also they can try all those new features which are present in their experimental phase and yet to be rolled out officially.

Again if you think you can also do the testing work, then definitely you should try joining them as a TikTok tester.

How to Join TikTok Testers?

If you really want to join as a TikTok tester, then you need to follow the steps which I have mentioned below.

How to Join TikTok Testers

Step #1. Open the TikTok App and login into your account.

Step #2. Then click on the “me tab” situated on the right-hand side bottom.

Step #3. Tap on the three dots, which are present in the top right-hand side column. Its also called as Privacy and safety page

Step #4. A new window will open in front of you, just scroll the window, and near the end, you will find the option “Join TikTok Testers.” tap on it.

Step #5. On clicking on it, you will get the TikTok tester joining page opened in front of you. Just Sign-in there with your Google account. That’s it.

Step #6. You’ll receive an update to the TikTok app if you already have it installed on your device. Otherwise, you have to download it on Google Play Store, clicking the provided link.

It can take a while for you to receive the update.

What do TikTok Testers Do?

There are many reasons due to which it’s really a wise decision to participate in the TikTok tester program. Let’s find out why.

1. Get the First Chance to Use The New Features

If you want to try out all the new features which are not yet released in the official app, then you will get this chance here. You can be the first to use those features yourself.

2. Suggesting Ideas to Developers

If you have used TikTok long enough, then you can pitch your ideas to the developers to rectify the issues and make it better. Again you can put your opinion over the new features so that they can improve.

3. Learning a Lot of Things

If you want to learn a lot about testing and the practical work, how things work, then joining the TikTok Testers program can provide you that. You can share your thoughts with a wide variety of developers and other testers. So you can get good exposure over theirs.

4. Helping the Tiktok Community

If you are willing to do your part, then its automatically is helping the TikTok community itself. Just a hobby, and you are helping the whole community in building an amazing app for all.

How to Leave TikTok Testers?

Yes, you can leave the TikTok Tester Program anytime when you feel you don’t want to continue. You have to just switch to the public version of the app that’s available.

To do that, you just need to click on the “Leave the Program” tab present at the end of the window.

How to Switch to the Public Version of the TikTok App?

If you wish to switch to the public version of the TikTok app, then you need to follow these steps only.

1. First, you have to uninstall the testing version of the app.

2. Then you need to install the public version of the app, which is there in Google Play.

It can take up to a few hours before you can download the app’s free version.

What is TikTok Tester Beta Program?

TikTok has recently released its Beta Tester Program in order to make its platform more stable.

For doing so, they take the help of the Beta Testers who can join this TikTok Tester Beta program of their own choice. This Beta Program is not made limited to any specific people, or you can say anyone can easily join it.

And the TikTok Tester Beta Program is designed in such a way that the tester gets the advantage of testing all the new features which are not yet been released officially. By doing so, they can provide feedback to developers about the existing bugs and issues.

What is the Main Purpose of the TikTok Beta Program?

The main purpose of the TikTok Beta Program is to take the help of the testers in testing their project. Again they take ideas from the testers and try to implement them on their platform.

Again TikTok Beta program enables them to test new features and give the right kind of feedback to the developers.

Do TikTok Testers Get Paid?

No, TikTok Testers don’t get paid. You may have doubts about this fact, but it’s completely true. As per TikTok, this work of testers is voluntary, and so they don’t provide any kind of monetary support to the TikTok Testers.
So if you are planning to join the TikTok beta tester program, then do understand that you should opt for it as a hobby only. If you have some expectations from them, then it’s your fault only.

What happens if you join TikTok testers?

If you choose to join as a TikTok Testers then you will have the privilege to use the unreleased version of TikTok for free and you have to check the application and review it back to the developers. Basically, you will be helping them to enhance the safety and security of the app for free.

Is Joining as TikTok Testers worth the effort?

I don’t think so, because here you will not be paid for your time and effort. So why waste your precious time here, rather do something productive elsewhere.


I hope you must have got your answers regarding the TikTok Testers. As promised, I have shared the detailed information regarding “what is TikTok testers” and “How to join TikTok Testers.” Apart from that, I have also described the relevant frequently asked question-related to TikTok Testers as well.

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