How to Delete TikTok Profile Picture
February 1, 2024

How to Delete TikTok Profile Picture

If you are also new to the TikTok platform and want to know how to delete TikTok profile picture, then you need to thoroughly read this TikTok Profile Picture Deletion Guide. One thing you need to understand is that there is no restriction in several times you can change your TikTok profile picture just like the TikTok username. TikTok username can only be changed after 30 days.

So if you are interested in knowing the exact process as to how to remove TikTok profile pic, then you need just to follow the below-mentioned steps. Without any more waiting, let’s just dive in straight. You can read here, how to delete TikTok comments.

What is the TikTok Profile Picture?

TikTok Profile Picture is just like any other profile picture, but here it is used in the TikTok Platform. In order to showcase your TikTok profile account like a real person, you need to have a profile picture attached to your TikTok account. Just near the TikTok profile picture, there is an option present for the TikTok profile video also.

There is a great importance of the profile picture as it represents your identity on the platform and along with that trust build from your followers also. So indeed, there is a lot of usefulness in having a decent profile picture on your TikTok account. Before the guide, don’t forget to check the delete TikTok drafts article.

How to Delete Your Profile Picture on TikTok

If you have decided to delete TikTok profile picture, then I have news for you. There is no option available to delete your TikTok profile picture, but yes, you can surely change your profile picture on TikTok. Let’s now have a look at how you can do it.

How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

If you are curious to know that how to change your TikTok profile picture, then here is the complete guide for you.

How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
Change TikTok Profile Picture

1. First, you have to open your TikTok app on your device and then log into your account, if not done earlier.

2. Once you have logged in to your account, go to the “Me” tab in the bottom toolbar present on the right side.

3. To change your profile picture, just tap on your current profile picture.

4. Upon tapping you have to select the “Change” option there.

5. Now you have many options present to select your new photo.

6. Here either you can select your new profile photo from the gallery, or you can take a new one using your own device’s camera.

7. Then finally, you can crop the picture, if you need the feel or just ignore it, and lastly, tap on the “Save.”

If you follow this way, then you can surely be able to delete your profile picture on TikTok.

Why do Users Want to Delete their Profile Picture on TikTok?

If you are wondering to know why users want to delete their profile picture on TikTok, then don’t worry as you will get your answer now.

1. To Provide a New Look

Indeed if you change your TikTok profile picture, then it will surely provide a new look to your profile. And it will attract more viewers towards it.

2. To Build Trust among Followers

If you don’t change your profile picture, then your profile appears dull, and it created distrust among followers. So it will be an excellent decision if you change your TikTok profile picture from time to time. These ways will result in the building of trust also.

3.  To Update the Profile

It should be a regular habit of every other popular TikTokers to update their profile regularly. Updating Profile includes changing the profile picture as well.

How to Remove TikTok Profile Picture

Merely answering, you just cannot remove your TikTok profile photo, but you can surely change your profile photo with a new one.


You guys must have gained an idea as to “How to Delete TikTok Profile Picture.” Just by following the steps which I have mentioned above, a user can easily delete their TikTok profile picture.

If you think you know some other ways to remove TikTok profile photo then please comment about it below. We will try to add it to our article.

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