How to be Invisible on WhatsApp on Android, iOs and Windows Phone
January 30, 2024

How to be Invisible on WhatsApp on Android, iOs and Windows Phone

Google Talks is the older version of Hangouts, which was allowed the users to become invisible from their contacts. This feature was very useful those days to stay away from online pings for a short time. Nowadays, every smartphone has installed Whatsapp and it there is no option to go invisible on Whatsapp. It updates frequently to add more user-friendly and advanced features on it. We have also shared many useful Whatsapp tricks to stay tuned with this most popular instant messaging app.
How to be Invisible on WhatsApp
Most of us prefer it as the best instant messaging app to communicate with friends and family because it is a cloud-based application for faster online tasks. However, the annoying feature is, it always unveils all of your friends that whether you’re online or offline. When you come online, it shows all of our friends that what was the last time when we’re online. I don’t know about others, but that really irritates me.

Unfortunately, there is no option to be invisible on Whatsapp. For instance, you are searching on an important topic for your work or assignment on your mobile, and one of your friends shows you as online, then he or she could start messaging. That’s why people want to go invisible on Whatsapp. In this situation, you can do two things; either reply to your friend or busy with your previous work. However, I think no one wants to lose their friends as well as works. This situation might force you to think that, how to be invisible on Whatsapp?

Use Third-Party apps to Appear Invisible on Whatsapp

There are a lot of third-party apps to go invisible on Whatsapp. They allow you to read messages without knowing anyone that you are connected with your friends. Many of them follow the airplane trick to becoming invisible. That means they activate the Airplane mode on your smartphone while you try to read a message. In that way, your friend would not be able to know about your online activity.

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However, the question is, would you like to install an extra application which only activates airplane mode while messaging to appear invisible on Whatsapp. I think most of your answers would be NO. There are many tweaks present to perform this task in a different way. So, let’s begin the game.

How to be Invisible on Whatsapp?

As I said before, there is no single option on Whatsapp, which will make you invisible from your contacts. You have to play with your settings to make Whatsapp invisible, and it is very easy to do. Without playing with your settings, you can simply set your status to “Busy”. This process will not disappear you, but no one might like to disturb you.

1. Turn on airplane mode

This is the process what I described on the above third-party app section. When you open a conversion to read a new message, Whatsapp informs the sender by enabling two blue-tick that the message has been read. It is only possible when your smartphone is connected with the Internet.

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When you receive a new message, just turn on the Airplane mode on your mobile and read the message. In this way, you can read a message without your friend seeing you online and your last seen will not be updated. However, the problem is, when you disable airplane mode, you will be visible again.

2. Hide Your Status

Whatsapp allows the users to update their status with a short message. People usually love to update their status frequently. If you want to be completely untracked, then you should hide it. In order to hide your status go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Status and set it to “Nobody“.

3. Hide Your Profile Photo

As like status, many users also like to change their profile photo. Your friends can easily track you when you change your profile photo. So, you need to hide it from your contacts. To do so, go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Profile photo and set it to “Nobody“.

4. Disable Last seen

This feature indicates the last online availability of a user and one of the things that most bothers Whatsapp users. Because, nobody wants to disclose when he or she was online. By disabling this option, it’ll reduce the pressure to reply to a message immediately. To disable it, open Whatsapp and go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy and set it to “Nobody“.

Now, no one will be able to know that when you was online. The disadvantage of this feature is, you’ll also not be able to see the last seen of others.

5. Remove Blue Ticks

Blue tick is very helpful for a user to know the sent message is read by the receiver or not. When the receiver receives a message, the sender shows two gray ticks on that message. However, when the receiver reads it, it becomes blue, which indicated that the message has been read.

After Blue tick, you must have to reply to that message, because the sender knows about it. So, it’s better to disable this feature to be invisible on Whatsapp that not to inform your contacts when you read their messages. To do so, go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy and uncheck “Read receipts“. Keep in mind that, when you disable this feature, you’ll also not be able to see when others read your messages.

6. Become Invisible to a Particular Person

If your girlfriend or your friend is disturbing you while working, then this might help you. By blocking a specific contact, you can easily hide your status, profile picture, last seen details from that contact. The good thing is, if you have blocked a contact on Whatsapp, he or she will not be able to know that he or she has been blocked by you.

To block a contact on your smartphone, go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Blocked >> Add New. Now add the contacts whom you want to block. If you want to unblock a contact, just tap and hold on the contact’s name and select “Unblock“.

7. Pause your Whatsapp

This tweak is only for Android users. There is no option to pause your Whatsapp messenger, but if you don’t want to receive a message for a short time, then you can apply this. Go to your Phone’s Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp and tap on “Force Stop” button. This process will stop the Whatsapp service for a while. If you don’t want to turn on Airplane mode, then this could help you.

So, these are some tweaks to shut out your problem that, how to be invisible on Whatsapp. So give a try to these tweaks and become invisible. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this, then feel free to share with us.

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