Download Pokemon Quest for Free on Android and iOS

Pokemon Quest was available for pre-registration for few days, and you can now see it on the Google Play Store as well as App Store. Pokemon Quest is a relatively streamlined adventure when put next to other Pokemon titles, however, with a scarcity of some main”effort” to defeat the Elite Four, no way to capture Pokemon like you’d typically have the ability to, and no typical Pokemon trainers to confront against.

Instead, you learn more about the planet of Tumblecube Island using odd, weatherproof Pokemon that you befriend on the way. You’ll cook different items bring Pokemon and bring them into a base camp, then encourage them with you for the various expeditions, all to be used in combat against others with a touch-based battle system.

What is Pokemon Quest?

Download Pokemon Quest for Free on Android and iOS

Pokemon Quest is totally different from the other Pokemon games available for smartphones. The game includes adorable voxel art-style images, with lots of vibrant, blocky flora and flora filling your display.

You will begin exploring the island using one Pokémon, which you may send off expeditions to battle other creatures and gather things for fostering itself and stocking up your base camp. As you advance through levels, you are going to increase your group of Pokémon, up to them, and bolster your foundation to pull stronger monsters.

Will it run on my Phone?

You can’t play Pokemon Quest on every smartphone. This game is not for older smartphones with 1GB of RAM. I am talking about Android devices. To run it on your Android smartphone you need Android OS 4.4 or newer and 2GB of RAM.

I think every Android smartphone of 2023 has a 2GB of RAM. So, you don’t need to worry about that.

Let’s come to iOS users. Pokemon Quest is compatible with most iOS 9 devices, but according to the developer, it may not work properly on iPhone 5 and other iOS devices that don’t support iOS 11. The download size is 57MB on Android and 353.7MB for iOS devices.

How to Download Pokemon Quest

As it’s a free-to-play title, you will discover a whole lot of timers on things like cooking pots and that you can accelerate with tokens which you could earn through play or from paying actual money.

The in-app purchases aren’t overly annoying, but your advancement with them will probably slow to a painful crawl.

You can now download the Pokemon Quest game on your smartphone from Google Play Store, App Store, and Nintendo eShop as well. Follow the links and download the game right now. And, one thing, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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