New Android N Features You Should Know (Confirmed)

Android N is the Google’s phone and tablet Operating system which comes with a lot of loaded unique features that must be better than its previous OS Marshmallow 6.0. The new update of OS will easily available on Nexus device. Some other devices like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and Motorola will also get the upgrade but it will take a little time after the release of Android N. So without wasting your precious time I am going to give you a complete description of Android N 7.0 features that you should know.

Confirmed Android N 7.0 Features

New Android N Features
Here I have listed some new Android N features which were not present in Android Marshmallow. Please check them out.

Multi-Window Mode

The Android N is going to support the Multi-Window mode feature which will allow the users to run two apps side by side on their device. This new version of operating system will also allow users to resize the apps by dragging the divider between them. You can also drag and drop text between apps when using the multi-window mode with ease of copying and pasting. You need to use your device in landscape view when you want to use drag and drop option. Simply select the text you want to copy to another app then drag it over to the other app with the help of your finger. You can also disable multi-window display that will only show your app in full-screen mode. Multi-Window Mode is the best feature of Android N.

Quick settings

Google is adding new Quick setting features in Android N which is a popular and simple way to define your settings and actions directly from the notification shade. When you slide the notification panel down you can have up to nine toggles in a single Quick settings screen. Quick settings tiles can be accessed by swiping left or right. You can also rearrange, add and remove tiles simply by dragging and dropping them around. This unique feature has enhanced the scope of quick setting to make it more useful and convenient.

Data saver

A new data saver mode restricts background mobile data usage by the apps in the background which will help reduce cellular data use by apps and also attempts to limit the amount of data apps use in the foreground such as by limiting bit rate for streaming, reducing image quality and so on. When a user enables Data Saver in settings then the device is on a metered network which means the system will block the background data and will also signal apps to use fewer data. Users can also select specific apps to run in the background and use data even when Data Saver mode is enabled. You can also save your battery life by turn on Data Saver. Battery consumption increases when we are on roaming so to increase the battery life simply “ON” the Data Saver from the setting drawer.

Notification enhancement

Notifications feature has totally changed in Android N operating system. Google has included many features in the notification area for users comfort. Google has integrated avatar and images so that you can easily identify who has sent you an email or a chat message. There is now improved support for bundled notifications from a single app. A user can also easily expand the grouped notification that is bundled together into individual notification by using the two finger swipe or by tapping the new expansion button, by doing this way you can easily read the whole message directly from the notification shade.

Android N brings support for inline reply actions. You do not need to navigate away from your current window just to reply an upcoming message; you can directly reply a mail or a chat from the notification window itself.

Doze Mode

Android N predecessor operating system Marshmallow 6.0 Doze mode is a much-appreciated feature, which holds off CPU and network activities when the device is in an idle state for long to extend battery life. Now in Android N, Doze takes a step further with few improvements and saves battery when the device’s screen has been turned off for quite some time. This means users can save battery even when carrying their devices in their pockets. When the device is stationary with the screen off and on battery for a period of time, Doze applies the full CPU and network restrictions on PowerManager, WakeLock, AlarmManager and GPS/Wi-Fi scans. The new Doze mode in Android N should be good news for all Android users facing battery woes.

Number Blocking

One of the notable additions in Android N is support for number blocking which will provide you the ability to block calls and message from specific numbers. Google says that the new feature will apply to the default messaging app, default phone app, and third-party provider apps can also read from and write to the blocked number list. The company stresses that the list will not be accessed by other apps. The list of blocked numbers will also be available to access by multiple apps and the number will be synced through android’s backup feature, so even if you change your device, those numbers will remain blocked.

Background Optimization

In Android N, Google has introduced project Svelte which is an effort to optimize the way apps run in the background for more efficient power consumption and memory use. Background processing is an essential part of most apps and when it is not handled correctly then background processing can needlessly consume RAM and battery and affect system performance for other apps.

These are the confirmed list of Android N features. Android N comes with a complete packet of many features which will surely attract the android lovers, but I have discussed only a few of them which are new and unique. I hope you will like this article. If any kind of suggestion or any kind of question arises in your mind related to this article then feel free to comment below.

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