Download Mobogram APK for Android (Latest Version T5.4.0-M11.4.0)
February 2, 2024

Download Mobogram APK for Android (Latest Version T5.4.0-M11.4.0)

They use the official API to offer some amazing customization as well as features to enhance the user experience.

Some of the unique features are Grouping, Ghost Mode, Fingerprint Unlock facility, Download Manager, ID Finder, Voice Changer, etc. Mobogram for Android provides flexibility to do more for the Channel owners as well as the regular users.

Though the Mobogram latest version has all Telegram benefits, you can do more than the official app. It’s super-fast, simple, secure and free. However, to make the user interface eye-catching, they have included many colours such as green, purple, brown, black, pink, orange, etc. also colours can b chosen in one’s wish too.

What is Mobogram?

Download Mobogram APK for Android

Mobogram is an instant messaging app based on the Telegram messenger’s API. Basically, it is a Persian app, but you can change the language to English or another language.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and as well as the Apple App Store. But, let me inform you that these are fake.

You’ll not get any feature which I said before. The original app is only available for Android devices, and you can get Mobogram apk download link from the official website. You can say, it is an informal Telegram with incredible features.

Features of Mobogram for Android

Mobogram latest version has so many amazing features that currently none of the popular messaging apps are providing. Let’s know about them.

1. Categorized Interface

Unlike Telegram messenger, mobogram latest apk you’ll get all of the contacts, groups, channels, and bots in different tabs. That means, you don’t need to search your favorite channels or groups in one column.

The categorized tabs help you to find your desired thing quickly.

2. File Manager

I have never seen an app with inbuilt File Manager. The built-in File Manager is quite valuable to utilize, which permits users to get around all media files in a peek. Here you can research all of the sent and received photos, videos, GIFs, Files, links, and music.

Additionally, you could be able to filter them according to its file type or download standing; Additionally, this File Manager tool enables users to view media files via an individual contact, group, supergroup, or even channels.

3. Download Manager

Unlike other instant messaging apps, Mobogram Pro apk gives you a powerful download manager to download your media files from a specific contact, channel or group. You can schedule different files or download some selected files in bulk.

You just need to select some media files and tap the download icon from the top of that window. It’ll be added to the download queue. To access the Download Manager, you just need to swipe the menu and tap on it.

4. Specific Contacts

Do you want to track the activities of a specific contact? If yes, then this could help you for that purpose. Here you can also monitor a specific Telegram contact using this program.

That means you could find a notification for current changes of a specific Telegram contact for example online/offline status, photo changes, Name or phone changes, even you’ll get notified when that user will see your message.

You may access this feature through “Specific Contacts” section in Mobogram.

5. Username Finder

The Username Finder feature allows you to find online contacts at one place. You can easily look for people, supergroups, channels, and bots. You just need to enter a username and if it’s available (green color), then tap on tick icon on the action bar to view that contact.

You can use a-z, 0-9 and underscores. The minimum length is five characters. Don’t misuse this feature to message random contacts. Otherwise, you’ll get banned.

6. Send Video with Text

This facility is only available on Telegram for iOS devices. But with the Mobogram apk download, you can send your videos including text, like the photos.

7. Hide Chats, Channels, Groups, and Bots

If you need some privacy and hide your secret chats from the public list then you can easily hide them with a password. Just navigate to Mobo Settings → Hide Chat Settings and Enable this feature.

Now, you can long press on a contact and select the Hide option to protect it. To access that contact, just long press on the Search icon and type your password. That’s it.

8. Ghost Mode

Mobogram ghost mode is the best feature I have ever seen in a messenger. If you are online but want to disclose with your friends, then this feature is best for you. This feature aids the users to remain offline nicely since you’re able to view messages without the knowledge of the sender.

In addition, you are able to hide your typing state whenever you’re chatting with your Telegram friends. Also, Mobogram users may hide their phone number through the menu.

Every one of these is privacy-related attributes known as “Ghost Mode” on Mobogram. Additionally, you one can find a shortcut icon near the top of the program to enable or disable Ghost Mode.

9. Advanced Forward Feature

Advanced Forward feature is specially designed for Channel and Group owners. By using this feature you can modify or remove texts from a photo or video, forward message to multiple contacts, etc. You can also forward a video or photo without downloading it.

10. Theme, Fonts

You can customize the look of Mobogram for Android easily with the predefined Themes and Fonts. You can also create your own theme to give an attractive look.

You can hide the tabs, add contacts or channels to the favorite tab and much more. This is not the end. Mobogram allows you to do more beyond your imagination.

How to Change Language in Mobogram

Are you looking for Mobogram English apk? But, let me inform you, the original app comes with the Persian language. But, don’t worry, you can easily change the language in Mobogram messenger.

Once you successfully login to the Mobogram, open Menu and scroll down till the end. At the end of the Menu, you’ll see a Settings icon; tap on it.

Here you’ll see four sections. Scroll down to the second section and choose the second option from the bottom. Here you can change the language according to your choice.

Update: The latest version of the Telegram app lets you change the language while you are installing the app.

Mobogram APK Download T5.4.0-M11.4.0

The Mobogram Apk latest version M11.4.0 is based on the official Telegram version T5.4.0. You can use the below button to free download Mobogram for Android. The file is around 15MB in size.

Before installing the application, make sure that you have enabled “Unknown sources” on your device. If not then, go to Settings → Security and tick on “Unknown sources” under the “Device Administration” section. That’s it.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#0064d4″ size=”10″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-o-down”]Mobogram T5.4.0-M11.4.0[/su_button]

What is New in Mobogram T5.4.0-M11.4.0

  • Automatically play videos
  • New settings for downloading media
  • Logout alternative accounts
  • Select the “Skins and Effects” option from the application menu

New in T5.3.1-M11.3

  • Ability to add a tab with the title and icon to the original page
  • Add and remove conversations from custom tabs
  • Filter group members and channels
  • Multiple operations in the list of channel members and members
  • Possibility to display the message editing icon next to the message
  • Display the edit icon instead of the text “edited” in the message
  • Removed Mobogram Keyboard

New in T4.9.1-M11.1

  • Ability to choose a wallpaper for the home screen
  • Ability to blur the home screen wallpaper
  • Smart connection and new features in the proxy sector
  • Ability to choose around corner bubble for a message
  • Ability to set the radius of the message’s bubble corners
  • Ability to set the radius of the corners of the message inside the message
  • Fixed reported problems

New in T4.6.0-M10.5.1

  • Minor Bug Fixed
  • Some impImproveme

New in T4.6.0-M10.5

  • Preview the conversation (Enable Chat Preview option in Chat Settings)
  • Possibility of full screen messages (In Chat Setting)
  • Option to hide avatar in chats and contacts (In the preferences of each conversation)
  • Ability to remove the bar / mute channel (In Chat Settings)
  • View channel before join
  • Possibility to change the message bubble (In View Settings)
  • Ability to change read tick (In View Settings)
  • Added template and fingerprints to login settings for secret conversations

New in T4.6.0-M10.4.2

  • Minor Bug Fixed

New in T4.6.0-M10.4.1

  • Fixes reported problems
  • Fixes the problem of removing all admin messages
  • Fixes the problem of adding contacts to the group

New in T4.6.0-M10.4

  • Sharing Button is working now
  • Song playback rebuilt
  • Send Media as an Album
  • New auto download settings
  • Control the history of previous messages in cloud groups

New in T4.2.1-M10.3

  • Ability to display new messages on the Notifications page
  • Pin Message on Channels
  • Possibility to change the right side of the screen and the left side of the screen
  • Pivot the channel message
  • Hide night mode and cloud space from the application menu
  • Added “Uncategorized” option to Category list

New in T4.2.1-M10.2

  • Now Ghost mode is removed at the request of Telegram
  • Deletion of the Ghost Mode upon the request of the Telegram (according to the new rules of the Telegram, the Ghost Mode should be deleted from all informal Telegrams. Otherwise the connection of the app with the Telegram server will be disconnected.)

Final Words

Mobogram for Android is not a standalone app; it works by using the Telegram’s API. You can say it is the best alternative to Plus Messenger. You can use Telegram, Mobogram and Plus Messenger at a time on your smartphone.

If you have multiple accounts, then you can use these apps to run them without having any problem. I’ll regularly update the Mobogram apk download link, that will help you to stay updated.

If you love customization, security and an app in an organized way, then this is the best app for you.