How to Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles using Pediaphon
January 31, 2024

How to Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles using Pediaphon

This is world’s largest encyclopedia created by people. This is the best source for knowledge seekers. When you search a topic you want to know, most of the time Google or other search engines show Wikipedia as a first preference. If you are a student or do research a lot, then you should create MP3 files from Wikipedia articles to listen them anywhere and anytime.

You can’t read an article while walking on the road, but you can listen to a music easily. This is also relevant in so many cases. To make your articles audible, you don’t need any software; you can instantly convert Wikipedia articles to audio files on the go and Pediaphon website helps you to do that.

How to Easily Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles

Pediaphon is a text to speech website that makes mp3 files from Wikipedia articles instantly. The website can read and converts any article which is available on Wiki to make it available as an audio file to listen online, or you can download it to your computer as well as phones to play it in any media player. If you are in a hurry and forgot to make your audio book, then the web browser can also play that sound.

A human being does not generate the voice. The voice is instead robotic but still easy to understand and clear. It is one of the text to speech tool but quicker than others to save your time. So, let’s get started with the tutorial.
Easily Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles
1) In order to create MP3 files from Wikipedia articles, visit the Pediaphon website.

2) In the search box, type the article name, which you want to generate an MP3 file. For the best results, it is better to go to Wikipedia website and look for your article and then enter the exact name in the search text box. Because, there are different articles with the same name. If Pediaphone doesn’t get your story, then it’ll make an MP3 file of the “did you mean” page on Wikipedia for you.

3) After you have entered the correct name of your information, you need to select the voice from the drop down menu. You can choose between a male and a female voice, which will then also provide you with an additional set of options.You can either select a male or a female voice with normal and high quality. High-quality audio should be larger than a standard quality and also clear to listen.

4) Next field is for speaking speed. By default it is normal, and you can change it to fast and slow according to your requirements.

5) In the “listen directly in browser window with help of” drop down menu, you have to select a way that you want to get your converted sound file. In order to download it as an MP3 file, just select “MP3 download or podcast or old iPhone or Shoutcast” and click on the “Start” button. A message will display on the screen that your MP3 is being generated and you can download that file by using the given link. You can also leave this option by default to listen to the voice on the web browser.

How to Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles on Android

The creators of Pediaphon have released an app for Android devices that you can download free of charge from Google Play Store. The interface is very simple, and you can make your audio files instantly.
Create MP3 Files from Wikipedia Articles on Android
Just type your Article name, select language and tap on “Speak article” button to generate the voice. The application is not quick as the website, and also there is no option to download the audio file.

That was the tutorial on how to create MP3 files from Wikipedia articles using Pediaphon. It supports five languages, and the sound file can easily play on your gadgets. This is the best way to create your own audio book while traveling.

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