How to use Whatsapp without Unlocking Android Phone

It has plenty of features that a user needs in daily life for communication with others. There are a lot of Whatsapp tricks available on the Internet which brings it to the next level.

So, in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Whatsapp without unlocking Android phone. If a phone is locked, then you can’t access the apps without unlocking it. But, applying a small trick could be possible.

You might ask, what is the reason to use WA on a locked phone? The answer is, every person puts a security lock in a form of Pattern lock or Password lock on their Android mobile to secure it from unauthorized persons.

Because your smartphone contains your private information. Phone auto locks in a time interval given by the user; it might be 5 seconds or above. So, every time you got a message on WA, you need to unlock the screen to chat with that person and it happens very often.

Therefore, you need to use the chat windows right on the lock screen to use Whatsapp without unlocking Android phone.

Chat on Whatsapp without Unlocking Android

When you receive a notification on the lock screen from WA, you tap it and then unlock the screen to read the message. Probably you don’t know a feature on WhatsApp which allows you to reply to the messages directly from your lock screen. There is no need to tap on the every incoming notification and open up the message.
use Whatsapp without Unlocking Android
You can do this by enabling the popup notification on Whatsapp which will provide you a window directly on the lock screen for chatting. In order to enable this feature, open Whatsapp Settings >> Notifications >> Popup notification. Here you have to choose either “Only when screen off” or “Always show popup” option to enable popup window on your lock screen.

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If your phone is running on Android KitKat and below, then you can add WA widget on the lock screen for instant message access.

Now you are ready to use Whatsapp without unlocking Android phone. You will be getting popup notifications for every WA message you receive.

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