How to Set Whatsapp Custom Notification per Contact
February 1, 2024

How to Set Whatsapp Custom Notification per Contact

In the month of January 2015, Whatsapp web was rolling out for Android, Windows and Windows phones and finally the web version has been rolled out for iPhone users.

Every month the team make changes in the messenger to improve its performance, stability and features. In earlier, notification setting was available for all contacts, but with the new Whatsapp update you can set custom notification per contact.
Whatsapp Custom Notification per Contact
By using this feature, you can set different notification tone, vibration, ringtone and many more settings on per individual contact. This is an advanced option, which people were waiting for a long time. Let’s know in details.

How to Enable Whatsapp Custom Notification?

Whatsapp notification notifies you about the activities of users and groups. The new individual notification option is available in the version 2.12.241. If you have the lower version the download latest Whatsapp here.

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To use this feature, open any Whatsapp contact or group, tap on the dotted button and select View contact. For a group, it is Group info.
Whatsapp View Contact
When you scroll down, you get Notifications box. There are two options in the box; one is Custom notifications and another is Mute. Mute option disables the user notification for 8 Hours/1 Week/1 year.
Whatsapp Mute
Now tap on Custom notifications and enable it. Here you can set Notification tone from your phone, Vibration, Popup notification, Light, Call Ringtone, etc.
Whatsapp Custom Notification
The popup is a great option to enable the user to chat instantly from any application window without opening Whatsapp again and again.

If your mobile has a notification light, then using the light option you can control the light color for different users. This option is available in White, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple.

In this way, you can set Whatsapp custom notification per Contact or group. Try now and share with your friends.

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