How to Switch from Old Gmail to New Gmail in Windows and Mac
January 30, 2024

How to Switch from Old Gmail to New Gmail in Windows and Mac

The new design contains some subtle components of Google’s Material Design and many of new features which were initially introduced to Google’s Inbox overhaul of Gmail.

If you are using the G Suite, then this will not work for you. But, Google has promised that the new UI will be available for the G Suite users soon. Packed with numerous top-of-the-line features, the redesigned Gmail can hugely boost your productivity.

What is New in the New Gmail 2024

What is New in the New Gmail 2024

Gmail not only changed to the design level, but it also included some amazing features. Let’s know about them.

New UI

Gmail has completely renewed with a fresh appearance. Everything in the left sidebar into the write button differs. There is a brand new bar on the best for add-ons (which we will get into in a little). However, above all, with all the brand new Gmail, you may view and click on attachments from your mailbox without needing to start a ribbon.

Private Mode

Private mode enables you to produce expiry dates for emails and Merge previously delivered messages. It is possible to additionally add two-factor authentication if you wish to make sure only the expected receiver gets the email.

Welcome to the AI

The new Gmail has started to influence Google’s AI tech. For example, using a Nudging attribute, Gmail can let you trace up or react to messages. Along with Intelligent Response, initially introduced a year ago into the Gmail smartphone app, it’s possible to easily answer to emails employing auto-suggested answers that Gmail will appear on the Internet.


Google has incorporated Gmail with other G Bundle apps. Therefore, for instance, it is possible to reference quickly, make, or edit Schedule invitations or write notes in Keep – all from a brand new side panel in your inbox, which makes it a lot easier to get Gmail add-ons, like third-party small business apps you may use. You’ll get started to find the new side panel at additional G Suite apps, too.

Offline Capability

Gmail lastly provides natural offline capabilities. Now, you are able to lookup, create, respond, delete, or record up to 90 days of email, just like you would while working on the Internet.

When will the New Gmail be Available?

The new Gmail is available for all of the users around the globe. You can easily switch from old Gmail to the All-New Gmail on Mac and Windows PC and enjoy the fantastic features. These features are only available for the web version of Gmail. If you are looking these features on the smartphone app, then it is still the same.

How to Get the New Gmail on Windows and Mac

There are two ways to access New Gmail. The first procedure for the regular Gmail users and the second one is for G Suite users.

Get the New Gmail on Windows and Mac

If you are a regular user, then you can enable the new look and features by clicking on the Settings cog in the top-right corner, then selecting Try the new Mail option. You can check the above image for the details. It’ll take a few seconds to change the UI.

For G Suite users, they can ask the system admin to enable the new Gmail on the G Suite account at school or work. There’s no need to sign up for the new Gmail EAP; you can simply turn it on in the Admin console. Please note that it may take up to a day for the setting to appear in your Admin console.

I checked my G Suite admin panel, but didn’t get any option to roll this feature out. I think, it’ll take few days to appear on the settings.

Go Back to the Classic Gmail on Windows and Mac

After using the new UI, if anytime you wish to switch back to the old Gmail interface, then you can use the same procedure to do that.

Go Back to the Classic Gmail

All you need to do is, open Gmail and click on the Settings icon at the top right and select Go back to classic Gmail. That’s it.

This was all about how to switch from old Gmail to new Gmail in Windows and Mac. Frankly saying, I really like the new UI and all of the features. If you have a computer, then you should try the new Gmail right now.

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