How to Eye Test Online to Check Your Eyes Condition
February 2, 2024

How to Eye Test Online to Check Your Eyes Condition

I am not wearing power glass, but in the checking time of my brother’s eye, I came to know how doctors test an eye. There is a white board on the wall or stand containing some letters of different sizes, and the doctor says you to read these letters from a few meter distances.

The online eye test doesn’t mean that, you don’t need a doctor. This is only the basic test to get some idea about how good (or bad) your vision is.
Eye Test Online

Requirements for Online Eye Test

1) A Computer
2) A Smartphone or a tablet
3) A standard debit/credit card

Make sure that Internet connection is available in the both of your devices and a QR code scanner for your Smartphone. You can easily get a free Barcode code scanner for your Android or iOs device.

How to Take Vision Test Online

1) Open Vision site on your computer. It is a free online to test your eyes and you don’t need to register there.

2) In the home page, you’ll get some instructions to perform an eye test. Now click on “Try Now!”, which is at the bottom of the page to begin a test.
Eye Test Online

3) On the next page, click on Settings icon, which is at the top of the page. It’ll show you an overlay instruction to put a standard credit/debit card on the left side of the screen. Then adjust your display by shifting the slider on the right. Calibrate your display in such a way that the cards place will only display the dark boundary and not the grayish place.
Eye Test Online

4) After that close the overlay window and click on “QR code” icon, which presents the right side of the Setting icon.

5) It’ll show you an overlay window with remote connection instructions. Scan the QR code using your Smartphone to view the answer sheet in your mobile browser.
Eye Test Online

6) Now time to move at least 4 meters away from your computer screen.

7) On your phone, tap on each star and answer the correct answer. The result will show both on your mobile and computer screen. A black star means, you not answered. Green for the correct answer and Red for the wrong answer.
Eye Test Online

8) Complete all these tiles. After complete all tasks, you can see your online eye test result on the computer screen.

This is the simple way to eye test online. The eye is an important part of our body. Without eyes, the world became dark for you. So take care of your eyes and test on a regular basis. If you are having a problem to answer all these tiles correctly, then you should go for a doctor.

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