How to Export Saved Passwords from Chrome
February 2, 2024

How to Export Saved Passwords from Chrome

Moving your stored passwords from Google Chrome on a PC was possible by using a third-party extension for several years. On the other hand, the problem is Google Chrome for Android or iOS doesn’t support extension feature. Google is currently testing the capacity to export and import passwords directly from Chrome on Android, but the latter purpose appears to be running at this time.

How to Make Chrome Remember Passwords

Before learn, how to export passwords from Chrome, you have to enable Password Manager on it. You can choose if you want Google Chrome to save website passwords or not. Many times, you would like to store a password for a website however Chrome does not provide us an option.

You must rely on our memory or write it down somewhere dangerous instead of using Chrome’s inbuilt password manager. But, there is a simple way always to make Chrome request to store passwords. Even, some of the websites allow you to log in automatically if you have saved the password to Chrome or Smart Lock for Passwords.

Export Saved Passwords from Chrome

In order to enable that, go to Chrome’s SettingsAdvancedPasswords and formsManage passwords and allow the first two options like the above picture. That’s it.

How to Export Saved Passwords from Chrome

As you know, Google Chrome allows you to save passwords, email address, any important credentials on your PC and smartphones. You can say, Chrome as a password manager. When you log in to a website the for the first time, Chrome asks you to Save the password or not. If you press the Save button, your login details save on the Password Manager.

Until today, it hasn’t been possible to extract the passwords and login information you’ve stored in Chrome. But, now you can export saved passwords from Chrome easily. If you are planning to export your saved passwords to another browser or the password manager, then this feature will help you a lot.

Before jumping to the procedure, make sure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome.

1. Open Chrome browser, type chrome://flags into the address bar and hit Enter.

2. Search for the Password export option and select Enabled option from the drop-down menu.

export saved passwords on chrome

3. It’ll ask you to relaunch the browser. Just do it by clicking the Relaunch Now button.

4. After that, go to Settings → Advanced → Passwords and forms → Manage passwords.

5. Now, click the three-dot menu (the three dots at the top of the list of saved passwords) and select Export. That’s it.

export saved passwords in chrome

Chrome will then save your passwords to an easily-readable spreadsheet file, in CSV format. Possibly, the method to import passwords to Chrome will be added soon.

This was all about how to export saved passwords from Chrome. If you like the guide, then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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