10 Best News Apps for Android to Stay Updated

Today I am very excited to share the best News apps for Android 2021 edition. The Word “NEWS” comes from North, East, West and South to brings us information from all four directions is known as Newspaper.

The news is essential to know about the outer world by sitting at home/office or anywhere else. If you are preparing for an entrance exam or for a job, then you should know about the current happening on your country and on the globe. It helps you to stay one step ahead than others. There are many mediums to access News.

You can know about the current News on TV, Newspaper, Internet or by discussing with friends and family. The world becoming smarter and smarter and the popularity of gadgets are increasing. The current trending gadget is the smartphone. Nowadays everyone’s hand has an Android phone, so why not we know the best News apps for Android phones and tablets.

Why you need best free news apps for Android? As you know, there are many types of newspaper and news channels are available. So, It is not possible to collect all important information from different sources, but a Smartphone has the ability to collect all over the News at one place and it is possible through a best Android News app 2021.


10 Best News Apps for Android 2021

Every Newspaper or News channel has a website, and blogs are the finest medium to collect information about current incidents. Through a News app, you can get all over News according to your choice like technology, sports, business, etc. Let’s know about 10 best News apps for Android.

1. Feedly

Best News Apps for Android
This is the best News app for Android. If you want to access your favorite websites, blogs and magazines at one place, then Feedly is the best app for you. It is a user-friendly RSS reader who optimized for both mobile and tablet. It also supports Youtube channels. Using Feedly, you can easily access your favorite Youtube channel videos.

You can share contents to your social sites, like Facebook, Google+, twitter, as well as email and contacts. For offline reading, you can save contents to Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, etc. According to its features it is the best Android News app.

2. Flipboard

Best News Apps for Android phone
Flipboard is one of the best News apps for Android phones. As like its name, it comes with a flipping magazine-style user interface. Like Feedly, you can customize Flipboard as your own interests of News topics. Flipboard, which is bundled in most Samsung smartphones, lets you to virtually flip through the news.

As if it were a real magazine. It integrated with up to 12 social sites and for offline reading also. It is one of my best choices of News applications that I use on the daily basis. The best part of Flipboard is, there are 24 localized regions, which cover a major part the worldwide News.

3. Paperboy

best news apps for android tablet
Paperboy comes with a grid-like user interface and offers over 25 million feeds to choose from and the plus point is that you can add your own feed. Feeds in Paperboy not including any ads and gives a shiny and simple interface to read. Notification on the go allows you to stay updated with current News without opening the application. It also comes with some variety of gestures to perform faster and many more. Its features make it best Android News app 2021.

4. Google News & Weather

best free news apps for android
This is another best News app for Android 2021. Google News and Weather is recently refreshed with a new card user interface like Android Lollipop. You can choose your News feeds as a country wise and can manage your category, which you want to display on the main screen.

It is a double beneficiary app, which covers 65,000+ publishers and also provides about latest weather details. It is a great app for those who want a dedicated News app with a simple look. The main thing is that it a Google’s app and free of cost as someone needs.

5. SmartNews

best news apps for android phone
SmartNews is a lightweight and one of the best news apps for Android phone. It makes exploring the headlines easy with a user-friendly tabbed interface. You can read reports offline because of set delivery times.

The initial tab offers you the top stories trending right now, but there are also categories for Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Tech, US News, World News and several others. It has an awesome and easy UI, which makes it easy to use. While it’s not material layout, it does even now look pretty nice.

Looking at the article’s view, you might be nudged to use the SmartView. There’s a lot that I like about SmartNews, not least the fact that it’s simple, speedy and extremely easy to use.

6. Zinio

best free news apps for android
Zinio has 5000+ digital magazines which make it one of the best free news apps for Android. Creating it simple to read your preferred magazines right from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also make these magazines accessible offline, so you can read them while on the train or visiting where you don’t have WiFi.

It’s an excellent way to locate new articles and publications or get content from popular magazines that you might not want to subscribe to.

There are posts available from big name journals such as Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and ESPN the Magazine. It is the best Android News app and reader.

Flym News Reader

best business news apps for android
Flym News Reader is a modern, ads free and open source project which keep you notify by getting your websites/blogs and presenting them in a mobile-optimized way. You’ll find no rich contents like flash or add-ons with Flym News Reader. t is just a little bit silly name and a choice of curated articles by subject and the capability to add RSS feeds.

The user interface is clean and simple with a blue menu bar at the top. To clear up the most significant terms I’ll be using: “Feeds” simply refers to RSS feeds that you add or import into Flym. Every feed can be personally edited by choosing it in a list and choosing the “Edit” icon.

It’s possible to give it a customized name and create a filter for each feed to keep undesirable content out of your RSS reader. The overall features make it best news app for android phone.

News Republic

best tech news apps for android
The News Republic is another best free news app for Android 2021 to get the latest breaking news as it’s breaking. When you at first start up the app you’re offered with a large range of news resources separated up in categories such as Business, Sport, and Tech.

Even so, you can also build your own news channels by setting up custom filters. When you set it up, you choose which wide categories of stories you want, like Science and Technology, U.S. News, Apple, and so on.

It dwarves single-channel news apps in terms of content, presenting not only articles but also videos and other media from major sources and impresses with its smooth, easy-to-use user interface, which simplifies the approach of news discovery and makes it extensively pleasant. It is the best Android news app 2021 available for Smartphone users.

Press (RSS Reader)

best Android News app
Press is one of the best News apps for Android phone and tablet users. As alternative solutions to Google Reader such as Feedly and Feed Wrangler popped up on the scene, a few of the above-mentioned apps pivoted easily to incorporate the new services.

Thankfully Press was one of them. It flows all your RSS feeds for you, and it seems good while doing so. It has a very speedy and fresh design, and it’s also tablet-optimized. It follows Google’s design rules but sets itself aside with excellent use of typography, icons, and color — specifically the way Android apps should be.

For many the best part about this amazing RSS reader app is its smooth addition with a number of services that offer the same front-end experience to the user.


best Android News app
Newshunt is one of my favorite News reading applications when I was using Nokia Symbian devices. It is ready for use for over-all types of mobile platform, including JAVA enabled devices and also available for your Windows PC.

The app sports a very basic user interface and on the homepage, you will find the list of all the newspapers and news sites recognized by the app. It provides local language News; It means almost all types of Indian languages.

This app is available for Indian users and also for International users. There is an e-book store in it, which provides books at a low price, and I like it most. This is one of the best News apps for Android users.

This is all about the best News apps for Android 2021. A best Android News app keeps you updated with the current happenings. So, install your one of the apps right now in your smartphone or tablet.