How to Fix Application not found Error in Android

This problem happens for the following reasons:
1) Suppose, you have moved some apps to SD card and when you remove them – if they do not uninstall properly.
2) After moving apps to SD card, if you update your system software.
3) If your phone has lost the connection with SD card.
4) If some files are missing from the apps.

If the app link is completely broken and when you try to uninstall it from the app drawer, it shows a message that, “The application was not found in the list of installed applications“.
Application not found Error in Android
There are few solutions which could fix application not found Error in Android. Follow the solutions to remove the blank icons.

Restart Your Phone

This is the simple solution of many problems. If the apps inside the SD card is not detecting properly, then this may happen. Simply restart your phone to get your apps back.

Reinstall the Missing Apps

Do you know the names of the apps which links are broken and showing application not found Error? If yes, then install them again. They will install on your internal memory and your problem will be solved.

Try to Uninstall

If some files are missing and you are unable to open that app due to this problem, then this could help you. Long tap on the missing icon and this will show you the Uninstall icon. Drag the application on that icon to remove that app.

If your phone doesn’t support direct uninstall from the application drawer, then open your phone’s Settings >> Apps and open your desired Application not found app. Here you can Uninstall it.

Use Another App Launcher

An Android app launcher is used to display the list of your installed apps. If your default launcher is showing the broken icons, then you can try Blackberry Priv launcher or some unique Android launcher apps to hide those icons. We have also posted some another launcher apps on our blog. You can try them or search on the Google Play store.

Clear Data of Current Launcher (100% Working)

Sometimes the current launcher leaves a blank icon of an app which was not properly uninstalled. That means the data of missing app is still stored by the launcher. In order to clear the data, open your phone’s Settings >> Apps >> All and search for your current launcher app. Open that app and tap on “CLEAR DATA” button. Now Restart your phone for fix the issue.

Format the SD Card (100% Working)

This the 100% working solution for application not found error. Before formatting, move all apps from SD card to phone memory and then keep a backup of your media files on your PC. Format the memory card on your computer or you can format it by going your Phone’s Settings >> Storage.

These are the simple solutions to fix application not found error in Android. If you know any other solution for this issue, then share with us.

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