How to Get WhatsApp Payment Feature Right Now!

The company had released this option for some selected users on both the Android and iOS devices. The WhatsApp payment feature is powered by UPI which allows consumers to send and get money easily.

But, it doesn’t seem as the service will encourage merchant payments. The company hasn’t yet set an FAQ page on obligations, but the expressions and service page in addition to the privacy policy page have been all live. Users may check out these before turning Payments ceremony on WhatsApp.

What is UPI on WhatsApp?

Get WhatsApp Payment Feature
How to Get WhatsApp Payment Feature

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface, which is an instant payment system formulated by the National Payments Corporation of India, an RBI regulated entity. UPI is developed over the IMPS system and allows you to immediately transfer money between any two parties’ bank accounts.

With this new payment method, your smartphones, as well as a basic phone will soon double up as virtual debit cards and you’ll be able to send or receive money instantly. Most of the banks are now regulated this feature and some third-party apps also have this service; such as Tez, PhonePe, PayTm and now the WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging app and if UPI will be successfully integrated into it, then no one will install an extra app to make payment through UPI.

WhatsApp Payment option not showing

The problem of not getting the option of WhatsApp Payment is really not praiseworthy. It is because everyone who is using WhatsApp will definitely try to use this new payment option once.

But the main problem is not getting the WhatsApp Payment option is due to the mandate by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), which wants this to happen in a more guarded way. This is why now WhatsApp is rolling this update to only 20 million users at a stretch.

But the good news is you can yourself be able to Activate WhatsApp Payment Service. For that you just need to follow the steps which are being discussed below.

How to Activate WhatsApp Payment Service

WhatsApp payment feature not showing? The WhatsApp pay feature is currently rolled out for selected users. So, in order to get WhatsApp payment feature, you have to request someone which has already this service.

Once you receive the invitation, the Payments option will show in the WhatsApp settings. Well, let’s know the steps after receiving an invitation.

Step #1. Once you receive the invitation, go to WhatsApp Settings and Select “Payments” option.

Step #2. Now, you need to Verify Your Number. Make sure that, your phone number is linked to your bank account.

Step #3. After that, select the Bank account that is linked to your number.

Step #4. A message will be sent from your number to verify your account.

Step #5. Now you are done!

The activation process of WhatsApp Payment service is so simple. If you didn’t understand the procedure, then you can check the above video.

How to Get WhatsApp Payment Invite

As I said before, you need an invitation from an already activated person to activate WhatsApp Payment feature. But, you don’t need to worry about.

Enable WhatsApp Payment Service

First of all, you need the latest stable version of WhatsApp to receive the invitation. Go to the official website and update to the latest version (above 2.18.44). Once you have done, just tap on the below invitation button.

I’ll enable this service on your WhatsApp number. After that, you can easily complete the activation process. The WhatsApp payments system in India is UPI based and is free of cost for 0% transfer fee.

The payment feature in WhatsApp is not available right now. Bookmark this page to get the invitation link in the future.

Send Money using WhatsApp Payment Gateway

After connecting your Bank account WhatsApp UPI, you must be wondering the way you are able to send and receive money through WhatsApp Payment service?

Step #1. First of all, you’ve to open a chat whom you want to send money.

Step #2. Then tap on Attachment Menu and choose Payments option.

Step #3. After that Enter an amount and complete the transaction. That’s it.


This was the tutorial on how to get WhatsApp Payment Feature invitation. Hope you like this article.

If this is helpful for you, then don’t forget to share with your friends and help them to activate WhatsApp Payment service on their numbers.

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