Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card without an Account
February 2, 2024

Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card without an Account

ICICI bank is a multinational and one of the top banks of India. A regular saving account in ICICI bank requires a minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 balance. However, to apply for a visa debit card on it, you have to create a bank account, deposit the minimum money, then you’ll be eligible to apply for a card.
Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card without an Account
However, if you only want a visa card, without making an account on a bank for online shopping or any proposal, then ICICI bank is the best for you. With an Android phone and an active SIM, you can easily do this. Let’s get started for the procedure.

How to Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit card?

Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card
In you Android smartphone, download Pockets application. The download link is given below.

After successfully installed, open it and click on Create your account button. The pop-up window asks you, “Are you an existing ICICI Bank Saving account customer?”. Just press on No.
Create ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card
After that, you just need to fill up your simple details, like name, phone number, Email id, DOB, etc. Enter the number which is inserted on your mobile; external mobile number can’t be verified.

After filling the details, you get an OTP (One-Time Password). Insert it to activate your account.

Now login into your account by putting the User ID and Password. In the next step, it sends a message from your mobile number to authenticate your device. The message costs only Rs. 1.50. Now your Visa Debit card is ready.
ICICI Bank Visa Debit Card
You can add funds by using Internet banking or through other debit/credit cards. card. It also allows you to request for a Physical card, which requires a minimum balance of Rs. 144 on your account. If you need an ICICI bank Visa Debit card, then this is the 5-minute work to create one.
[appbox googleplay appid com.icicibank.pockets]

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