How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome
February 1, 2024

How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome

To create a logo, what we need? An image editing software, an innovative idea, and some basic skills. Idea and skill are right, but what about image editing software? For that, we must have to pay some money, and that software will eat our computer space. For a basic purpose, no one will be interested in paying.

How it’ll be, if you create a logo in Google Chrome browser. Using Logo Maker extension, you can easily create your own logo within a minute for free.

How to Create Logo in Chrome

Download Logo Maker extension from chrome store. It’s very little in size. After that, you’ll see the icon on Chrome’s apps page.

How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome

In Logo Maker’s editing page, you have to do three basic tasks; Add Text, Add Image and Add Symbol. All editing icons are laying on the screen like Mac OS. It will open with an example logo set up, that you can easily delete or modify.

Just click the Text or the Image to view the properties, which you have to adjust. Like brightness, font color, size, rotation, etc. To resize an image or text, use the four corners. There are many symbols in Add symbol button, that you can resize, rotate or change the color.

How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome

After complete your work, you can save that logo in .png format on your computer to use on your Blog, Page or anywhere else. For the further purpose, you also save it as a Project, that you can easily edit in future.

This was all about how to create a logo in Google Chrome. If you are expecting more in a simple extension, then forget about it. For a primary purpose, it performs very well. If you are a newbie and have no idea about logo making, then Logo maker is perfect for you.

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