Check who has Read Your Message in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is a great invention of this century. Every month, it has included many innovative features to make it more user friendly. Some examples are voice calling, material design and the last, but not the least is the double blue tick feature. It indicates that the message you have sent is read by the receiver.
Message in Whatsapp Group
Blue tick is very helpful for a user to know the sent message is read by the receiver or not. You always see this functionality in an individual message send. In case of Group messaging, it shows one gray tick only. That doesn’t mean that the blue tick feature not work for Group. The blue tick will only appear, if all members of the group will read the message.

One Grey tick: Message sent successfully but not delivered.
Two Grey tick: Message successfully delivered.
Two Blue tick: Message is read by the receiver.

A Whatsapp group has 100 members strength, and all members are always not active. To check the double blue tick in a group, create a fresh group and add 4-5 online members. After sending a message you’ll sure see a blue check mark.

Check who has Read your Group Message

After sending a message, picture or video in a group, you can easily check out who has read that message and when or who has not. Let’s do it stepwise.

1) Send a message to a Group and select that message by long pressing on it.
Message in Whatsapp Group
2) You’ll see an info icon at the top bar. Now tap on it.
Message in Whatsapp Group
3) Here you’ll get a list of members who has read your message. Just tap on any number to check the Read time and Delivered time of that user.

Those who haven’t read your message yet will be listed under Delivered to. This is a convenient way to track the activity of the members. By going through this process you can easily check who has read your message in Whatsapp group.