Remove Windows Right Click Options

How to Remove Windows Right Click Options with CCleaner

Windows right-click comes with a lot of extra options to do more with it. Every time you install a new program on your system, it becomes more clutter. You have no control over the Windows context menu, and that’s...
Solve Auto Restart Problem

How to Solve Auto Restart Problem in Windows 7, Windows 8

Sometimes when there is an internal error that is either in hardware or in the driver, the Windows will automatically restart several times. This auto restart problem usually happens to detect and display the error message. The error message...
Google Earth Pro Free Download

Google Earth Pro Free Download, Worth $399

How many of you know about Google Earth? It is a software by Google, that provides virtual map and geographical information about our globe. There are three types of versions are available; Google Earth (Free), Google Earth Pro ($399...
Turn Computer into Photo Booth

How to Turn your Computer into Photo Booth

Everybody loves to capture their lovely moments as photo or video. These captured frames help them to laugh any happy in future time. Usually, we use our personal camera or photo studio take stunning pictures. How many of you...
AVG Remover

AVG Remover: Uninstall AVG Completely

AVG won’t uninstall, what to do? AVG provides security for all types of operating systems, including mobile. Many of you also have the amazing antivirus, then what is the need of AVG remover? I am not saying that remove...