Useful Run Commands to Operate Windows Faster
January 31, 2024

Useful Run Commands to Operate Windows Faster

How to open Run Command

There are two ways to open Run command window.
1) Go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Run
2) Win + R is the shortcut for Run command.

Some Useful Run Commands For Windows

There are many run commands, But I described here few of them, which are useful to you to operate your computer faster than before. Let’s check them out.


Secpol.mscLocal Security Policy Settings
Control keyboardKeyboard Properties
ipconfig/alldisplay all IP configuration
ipconfig/displaydnsDisplay DNS settings
ipconfig/flushdnsRemoves the content of DNS cache
ipconfig/renewRenew IP configuration Settings
ipconfig/releaseCancels IP configuration
inetcpl.cplInternet Properties
iexpressSelf extracting/Self Installing .cab file generator
joy.cplGame Controller
fontsWindows fonts folder
control foldersFolder options
sigverifFile signature verification
Eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer
control colorDisplay Appearance properties
control desktopDisplay properties
diskpartPartition manager
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management
dfrg.mscDisk Defragmenter
dxdiagDisplay System Information
cleanmgrDisk cleanup
devmgmt.mscDevice Manager
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
dcomcnfgComponent Services
cmdCommand Prompt
chkdskChecking Disk
charmapCharacter Map
certmgr.mscCertificate Manager
fsquirtBluetooth file transfer
wuaucpl.cplAutomatic Windows updates
control admintoolsAdministrative tools
appwiz.cplAdd/Remove Programs
hdwwiz.cplAdd Hardware
access.cplAccessibility Options
logoffLog Off computer
control mouseProperties of mouse
control netconnectNetwork Connections
netsetup.cplNetwork Configuration
packagerManage links
oskOn-Screen keyboard
perfmon.mscMonitor performance
powercfg.cplPower Options
control printersPrinter and Fax properties
regeditRegistry Editor
mstscRemote Desktop Connection
control schedtasksScheduled Tasks
wscui.cplSecurity Center
shutdownTurn off your computer
mmsys.cplSounds and Audio Devices
syseditSystem Configuration Editor
msconfigSystem Configuration Utility
taskmgrTask Manager
lusrmgr.mscUsers Accounts
sysdm.cplSystem Properties
writeMicrosoft Wordpad
timedate.cplDate and Time Properties

Final Touch

All these commands are very helpful for a computer geek and tested in Windows 8.1. In the next tutorial I’ll show you, the easiest way to create your own Run command.

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