10 Reasons, Why Use Telegram Instead of Whatsapp
January 31, 2024

10 Reasons, Why Use Telegram Instead of Whatsapp

It is available as free download for all major platforms such as Android, iOs, Whatsapp, PC, Linux, Mac, etc. Then, how to use Telegram? It is as simple as Whatsapp. Just put your number, verify the OTP via text message or call and you are done! I have been using Telegram from last year and very much impressed with its functionality. There are many reasons why use Telegram instead of Whatsapp. You’ll sure love it after knowing its features. Let’s discuss some notable quick points of Telegram.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Why Use Telegram Instead of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is also developing new features frequently, but they are not eye-catching as compared to Telegram. So, in this WhatsApp vs Telegram war, let’s discuss why use Telegram instead of WhatsApp.

Why Use Telegram Instead of Whatsapp

Material Design

Material design of Telegram is adopted from just released Android operating system Lollipop 5.0. If you are using latest Gmail app, then you can easily understand that what I am saying. There is a quick blue button at the bottom of Telegram to send a message quickly or create a new group.

Supports All Documents

Both Whatsapp and Telegram use a faster cloud server to deliver multimedia files quickly. In the case of documentation, Whatsapp only allows people to send Image, Video, Voice, Location, and Contact. Instead of these, Telegram supports overall types of files includes PDF, ZIP, RAR, EXE. It is a great feature that one can send anything on it, and there is no restriction on file size.

Username Facility

Username is your identity. When you set your name in Whatsapp, it only shows for group members. As like What, Telegram is also providing Username facility for its users. A user can communicate with anyone by searching its Username and chats anonymously without disclosing the identity; means phone number.

100000 Group members

The latest version of Whatsapp facilitated multiple numbers of Group Admins. In that case, an Admin can provide administrator capability to any of the members. But, with Telegram, you can add up to 200 members in a group and, of course, multiple Admins. Larger group members mean greater fun and sharing. When your group will full with 200 members, you can upgrade it to a supergroup that supports up to 5000 members. It also allows you to set a username for that group, that one can easily find Telegram group link to join.

More Customizable

For a mobile user, customization is the main aim. In the customization field, Telegram works a lot. It comes with some beautiful chat backgrounds and Saves to gallery feature. If you want, then you can allow your Telegram files to show up in Gallery, otherwise not. Custom notification, Sound, LED light, PEBBLE, Privacy is more than Whatsapp.

Inbuilt Lock

Privacy and security are the main mottoes in Telegram. You don’t need to install an external application to protect your personal messages. It has an inbuilt Lock feature, which allows the users to protect Telegram with PIN lock. You can also set it to auto-lock after a time interval.

Two Step Verification

Two-step verification is more secure than an ordinary lock. Only the authenticated user can be able to use it. On Telegram, you can set an additional password that will be required when you log in a new device. In this way, no one could be able to log in, even he or she has the SIM card.

Telegram Web without Mobile

As like Whatsapp, you don’t need to keep your Telegram app online on mobile while using it on your browser. Even you can use it on a mobile browser. It generates an OTP on the Telegram app when you log in for the first time; then it stores the details of your browser. That’s why it doesn’t require your mobile phone. The good thing is the web version functions and looks as like the mobile app.


Sending stickers are more fun than normal message and emoji. In Telegram, a user not only sends and receive stickers but also create his or her own stickers. Yes, you can submit your custom sticker sets via the Telegram @stickers bot. Each sticker set gets a permanent link so that users can quickly add new stickers on the library and share them with friends.


As like Broadcast feature in Whatsapp, Telegram has Channel. It is a new tool for broadcasting your messages to large audiences. Every channel has a permanent username and can have an unlimited number of members. You can create Public or Private channels according to your requirements. This is a great feature I have ever seen in instant messaging apps. It’s something like Subscribe option for YouTube channels. The owner of a channel can add Admins to manage it.

Final Words

According to you, in the WhatsApp vs Telegram war who wins? The main thing in Telegram is, it is entirely free for the lifetime, without showing you ads. Try Telegram now and you’ll get something new, faster and secure. This is all about why use Telegram instead of Whatsapp.

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