How to Undo Facebook Post Update
February 2, 2024

How to Undo Facebook Post Update

Facebook regularly requests that you write and post what’s on your brain. However, imagine a scenario in which you all of a sudden altered your opinion. Is there any approach to reverse your status update? Should you have already published the status, your very best self-option should be to delete the post. Sadly, Facebook still keeps a log of your deleted posts. So in the event that you regularly end up in such a disappointing situation, you could include an “Undo ” button on your Facebook status updates box.

Is not it amazing? A UNDO button can solve your problems and reverse your post to the previous stage. Let’s know how to include a “UNDO” button on Facebook.

How to Undo Facebook Status Update

You can only include the undo feature on your Google chrome browser. If you don’t have a browser, then you can download Official Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer. After download it, do the below steps.
Undo Facebook Status Update
1) Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Facebook Undo” extension.
2) After installing it, open your Facebook account.
3) Write anything on your Status update box and click on “Post” button.
4) Suddenly, an “Undo” button will show up and you will be given five seconds to undo your post.
5) If you do not want your status to get released, just click “Undo” button before the five-second elegance interval finishes.
6) Or, if you want to publish your post, then wait for five seconds. Your post will be automatically posted to your timeline. There is no need to click on “Post” button again.

This is all about how to undo Facebook status update. This is not the permanent solution for post undo, but within 5 seconds of a time period, if your mind might change, then you can reverse the posting process.

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