How to Take Macro Photos with Mobile Phone

Macro photos are extremely close-up photos taken from a very small object which a naked eye can’t be able to see. Generally, this kind of photos takes by professional DSLR camera. DSLR has the powerful lens, that’s why it is possible. But, how to take macro photos with mobile phone? Without any changes, it is not possible. A mobile phone which camera is auto-focus has a limitation to focus on an object. That’s why it is not possible to take very close-up photos. You might have seen these type of photos on the Internet. A professional camera costs a lot and not possible for everyone to buy.

Well, don’t worry! By making some tweaks, you can easily take these types of macro photos with smartphone. One is the freeway, and another way will cost a little but very effective. Let’s get started.
How to Take Macro Photos with Mobile Phone

By using Water Drop

In this way, you can use a water drop as a lens. A drop of water on your mobile camera will not do any damage, and you can easily take macro photos with mobile phone. Simply drop a water drop on your camera lens and take shots. That’s it.

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By using Clip Lens

Clip Lens
This process is quite effective because a water drop can’t stay long with your mobile. Buy a clip lens from an online store and simply attach it with your smartphone. These types of products work with all type of mobile phones like Apple, Samsung, Sony or any other phone. Before 2 days ago I bought a lens set from Amazon in just 5$, and it is amazing. It has three modes; fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens. Here are some samples which I have taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 with a macro lens. Hope you all like it. If you are interested in mobile photography, then you must try this product to take macro photos with mobile phone. Share your point of view about this product.
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