How to Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

Unlock Developer Options

In every Android phone, there is a “Developer options” in the phone’s settings. If it is not showing in the Settings, then tap on “About phone” option in the Settings menu and tap 3 times on “Build number” to unlock the “Developers options“. Now turn it on. This will not increase your speed. It is the process to tweak with your phone.
Speed Up Android Phone

How to Speed Up Android Phone

After unlocking the developer options, follow the below procedure to increase performance.

Decrease Animation Scale

Android phones display animated graphics when moving between applications and displays. These animated graphics look very smooth, but they decrease the speed. By either decreasing or limiting animation scale, you will see an immediate efficiency increase.

1) In “Developer options” menu search for Animation scale. You’ll get 3 types of animation scale with value of 1x.
2) Change the value of Window animation scale, Transition scale, Animation duration scale from 1x to 0.5x or you can set it off.
Speed Up Android Phone
3) This process will give you a quick speed up on your phone.

Strict Background Processes

Background processes on a Smartphone frequently eat RAM, which gives low performance rate. If you’ll restrict these apps to run background, then it’ll speed up your mobile.

1) In “Developer options” menu scroll down and tap on “Background process limit“.
2) Now change the value from “Standard limit” to “3 processes at most” or you can set it to “No background processes“.
Speed Up Android Phone
3) No background process means faster speed.


These two simple tweaks can speed up Android phone without rooting. It is applicable for all Android users, but high end phones don’t need this.

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