Simple Method to Access Blocked Websites
February 1, 2024

Simple Method to Access Blocked Websites

Process to Access Blocked Sites

There are several processes available in internet to access blocked websites, but most of the tricks are not working. Today WhatTechSays provides you some methods by which you can able to access banned websites even you have no authority to do this.

Sites Which Needs Login to Access

Access Blocked Websites
Sometime to access some sites you need to register in it. Even if you are registered you need to login to access the sites contain. If you have not enough time to login to register then there is a way to access the site. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the page and right-click on it and select Inspect Element or press Ctrl+Shift+I.

Step 2: An Element screen will appear. Use the mouse to select the login box and press Delete to eliminate it. Now you are able to access the websites without register or login.

Paid Site Accessing

Access Blocked Websites
Some sites ask for a membership and the membership sometime not free. Some news site allows you to read only some of it’s contained but most of contains are protected from non-members. To access this type or sit and read there contains just copy their headlines and search using a Search Engine. Search engines allow you to access the page without paying any registration fees because most of the websites allow visitors from Search engines.

Accessing Non Accessible YouTube Videos

Access Blocked Websites
Some YouTube videos are sometime not accessible due to copyright or some other issues. To access those videos just write “nsfw” stands for Not Sweet able For Work after the www(dot). That redirect you to another website and you could watch the video without any plug-in.

Pages That Have Been Removed

Pages that are removed from the sites can also be accessible. This generally accesses the through the cache vision of the website. This is done by simply writing “cache:” in the url field just after www(dot). It will redirect you to the cache version of the page.

Accessing Through IP Address

Access Blocked Websites
If the site is blocked from the DNS then also it can be accessed using its IP address. But the question is how it can be possible to access sited that being blocked by DNS provider using IP address. In this follow the steps:

Step 1: Open command prompt from Start > All program > Accessories then click commend prompt.

Step 2: Write the command ping followed by the website domain name. It will generate the IP address of the site.

Step 3: Write the IP address it the url field of the browser. It will enable you to access the site blocked from DNS provider.

Accessing country blocked Sites

Those sites which are blocked in a particular country or cannot be accessed outside a particular country can be accessed by proxy. You need to find any proxy website to access that site. For example FilterBypass. In the proxy site you need to enter the url of the blocked site which make you able to visit the site through the proxy website

Using Browser Plugin

Access Blocked Websites
Chrome Plugin like ZenMate make you able to access country blocked sites by changing IP location. To access sites through Zenmate you need to install it in your browser and active it. You can also change its location as per your requirement.


These all tricks are basic tricks to access blocked websites. Access a blocked website is at your own risk. Some time government block a website is for security purpose and accessing those sites are against the law.

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