Fill a Form and Send Your Name to Mars with NASA

Are you interested in visiting on another planet? Probably this is impossible for general people, but you can send your name to Mars. Yes, my friend, this is true. To send your name, you need to submit a form on NASA, and it is totally free of cost.
Send Your Name to Mars with NASA
This is not the first time that NASA has provided to deliver our names into space. Last year, the microchipped names of 1.38 million persons went on the Orion spacecraft’s first journey. Now you have a chance to send your name to the red planet. Your name will be added to a silicon microchip, which will send through InSight Mars lander, which will launch by NASA in next year.

Send your name to Mars right here. All you need to provide is your name, country, email id, and postal code, and you’ll have an account for future missions as well. The last date of this submission is 8th September 2015. So, be hurry.
Send Your Name to Mars with NASA
NASA’s next mission for Mars with InSight lander is to study the rocky planets, including our earth. By participating in this mission, you’re not only being a part of this journey but also be a part of all future journeys.

The InSight Mars lander is going to launch from California’s Vandenberg aircraft base station in March 2021. It’ll reach on Mars on 28th September 2021. So, what are you doing on earth? Send your name right now.