How to Use Google Search Like a Pro 2023

By knowing Google search tips and tricks, you can use Google faster, better and more precisely than ever before and become a Professional of Google searches.
Search Like a Pro
Most people use Google like a dummy and search their query by simply typing a keyword they want to search and afterward clicking on the search results that are displayed.

If you want to search like a pro, then you must have to know some basic Google searching tricks. Here is the Google tricks list, that would help you to search like a pro.

How to Use Google Pro 2023

Here are some Google shortcuts to quickly access the information that you want.

Unit Converter

Search Like a Pro
Google can be able to convert various measurement units from one type to another. Unit conversion allows a user to convert temperature, length, mass, speed, time, area, volume and others.
[box]35 KG into Gram[/box]

Currency Converter

Search Like a Pro
Currency converter allows you to convert your country money amount to another country amount. It helps a traveler when he is traveling to abort and want to quickly figure out how much money he needs to carry or how much amount to send via wire transfer to abort.
[box]30 dollar into rupees[/box]

Flight Status

Search Like a Pro
Flight status help users to find out the information about their flight timetable, whether it is on time or not.
[box]Jetblue 1[/box]


Search Like a Pro
Weather report is very helpful for a traveler. If you are planning for a trip and want to know the upcoming weather report for few days, then it will help you a lot.
[box]weather delhi[/box]

Global Time

Search Like a Pro
Time zone is distinctive in different countries. If you want to contact or call your relatives who live abort, then you can use this feature to know the exact time in their time zone.
[box]time india[/box]


Search Like a Pro
If you are reading an article or an email online and unable to understand the meaning of a word, then it can help you to find out the exact definition of a particular word.

Language converter

Search Like a Pro
If your client or friend is from another country, and you want to chat with him in their country language, then you can directly convert your own language with his language.
[box]onion in hindi[/box]


Search Like a Pro
Movies are the entertainment for our boring times. If you are planning to go for a movie, a want to check out the movies list in your local cinema hall, then Google will automatically detect your current location and will look up movies playing in your city.


Search Like a Pro
Google is the best online teacher to help you to learn different recipes by sitting at home. Simply type the recipe name in the search bar, and you’ll get many results of your favorite dish.
[box]chicken noodle soup[/box]

Specific file types

Search Like a Pro
For the seminar or school project, we need different presentations and PDF files for a referral. You can easily filter the search result with your desired file type.
[box]filetype:ppt computer[/box]

Many of you already know about these tricks. If not, then it’ll help you a lot to search like a pro and also enhance your search experience.

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