Identify and Remove Fake Accounts on Facebook

Identify Fake Accounts Manually

  • Profile Picture: Profile picture is the mirror of an account. Generally fake ids have only one profile picture. In this case, you can find out the image details by using Google’s image search by uploading that image. This technique is not so helpful, because many people don’t like to set up their own photo.
  • Timeline: Look at the timeline. A real Id, updates regularly or in between some time interval. If you got a friend request which is created less than a week, then it may be fake.
  • Friend list: A profile with a maximum number of friends are of opposite gender can be assumed that the profile is used for fun or making other fool. This thing mainly appears in girl’s accounts.
  • Mobile Number: Girls don’t share their phone numbers publicly. If you find out a girl’s profile with a phone number, then it may be fake.

These are the common mistakes of a fake account. If any of your friends have these symptoms,  then remove it.

Identify Fake Accounts with FakeOFF

Identify and Remove Fake Accounts on Facebook
FakeOff is a useful web application that can research your suspect’s Facebook images, timeline activities, surfing around routines, etc. to let you know if they are fake or not; by ranking then on the range of 1 to 10, where 1 indicates fake and 10 indicates actual.

After login successfully on FakeOff, it will show your friend list with two options. You have to select “let’s check him/her” button to scan the details of the account. It displays the result based on one week of Facebook’s activity.
Identify and Remove Fake Accounts on Facebook
I tried it with many of my Facebook friends and found results to be quite accurate. If you detect anyone as fake, then removes from your friend list and for the protection of yourself, and others on Facebook do report the fake Facebook account and demand your buddies to the same.

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