PhotoDirector app Review: Easy and Creative Photo Editor App

With this app you can create creative photos and may give them desired colors and shapes. UI of this app is simple and user-friendly which provides the information about all tools that how to you the different tools on the application. Even it is easier than other tools to use for photo editing.

Minimum System Requirements

It can run on any iOs device, but it has some system requirements for Android users.

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– Android 4.1 and above
– 1Ghz Processor
– 768 MB RAM
– 480×640 pixel Screen Resolution
– ARM CPU, Tegra 3 and above
– It only supports JPEG / PNG images

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I think nowadays every Android phone above Rs. 5000($100) is coming with these requirements.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App Features

PhotoDirector has all the best features you need to enhance and adjust images in one app on your smartphone. To edit your image, you’ll get some basic tools and some advanced tools like Object removal, Effects, Splash, Mirror, Blender, Overlay, Portrait Tools, InstaFill, Pen Tools, Text Bubbles, Frame and Scene. Let’s know in details.

Basic Tools

Best Smartphone Photo Editor App
Like other smartphone photo editor apps, it also comes with several basic tools with which to tweak your photos. You can Crop, Rotate, Flip horizontally and vertically your image. You can also adjust the Brightness, Tone, Color saturation like advanced editing apps.

Smart Object Removal

Best Smartphone Photo Editor App review
This is one of the cool and amazing features you’ll not get in other apps. With this tool you can easily remove photobombers, or unwanted objects, from your photo. Just highlight the object or spot on your photo which you want to remove, then apply the filter to remove it smartly. The only downside of this feature is that it only really works for smaller objects or people in the photo and not so successful for large objects.

Effects and Filters

Best phone Photo Editor App
PhotoDirector contains various tools to give an attractive and unique look to your image such as Effects, Mirror, Blender, Overlays, Scenes, etc. Select your desired option and chose from different filters and effects and apply it. It has more than 50 options to enhance your photo.

Skin Smoother and Red-Eye Removal

Best Smartphone Photo Editor App
These two tools are very useful in some cases. Sometimes in the night, your taken photo has a red spot in the eye or sometimes it’s smudged due to the nights shenanigans. With these tools you can easily correct these types of problems and give a beauty look to your photo. Tap on Portrait Tools to unveils these two options.

Text Bubbles and Frame

Text and Frame
Select one of 15+ picture frames to add to your final photo, and give it that finishing look. You can also add different texts which let you tell even more experiences as a result of your photos.

Premium only Features

This app comes with some pro only features and some restrictions like,
1) You can only use Smart object removal tool 5 times a day. But, pro version has no restriction.
2) Save images in Premium Quality 2560×2560 (4K) Resolution if your smartphone supports
3) Remove in-app ads


PhotoDirector is a great smartphone photo editor app which allow you to make your photos look like they were shot on a DSLR camera. You can directly set you edited photos as wallpaper and also can instant share them on the social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.