OkayFreedom VPN Premium Code 2019 (1 Year License)

OkayFreedom VPN Premium Code: Are you looking for a premium VPN for your computer? If yes, then this is a golden chance for you. OkayFreedom is a German-based VPN service provider that lets you browse the Internet anonymously.

It creates an encrypted connection between the web browser and the Internet to secure your identity. If you are on a public network, that means all of your connections go through an open tunnel. But, a VPN bypasses your IP address to a different location which makes your system unhackable through the Internet.

You will no longer fear anyone verifying your website visitors’ information, preventing your different accessibility sites at work, or other similar problems. Even your Internet Company will not know what you are doing on the web, and it also makes it difficult for him to prevent or narrow any visitors.

Here I have listed some points you should consider to use OkayFreedom VPN on your computer.


OkayFreedom VPN Premium Features

OkayFreedom VPN Premium Features

There are two versions available for OkayFreedom; free and premium. The free version is ad-supported. If you use this version on your computer, then you’ll be started showing ads while going through a secure connection. The free version only offers 500MB of traffic usage per month.

I think a regular user uses more than 500MB of Internet data per day. So, the free version is only for you, if need the VPN service for a short period. Well, let’s know the details of this software.

1# No Registration

Most of the VPN services force the users to create an account in order use the service. But, the case is different here. Simply install this program on your computer, and you are ready to go. You can start browsing the Internet after installing the software.

2# Unblock Geographical Restrictions

Some contents on the Internet is regionally restricted. If you are not able to watch a video on YouTube or view an entire website due to geographical restrictions, then you can use OkayFreedom VPN to unblock the connection. Don’t worry about it. It’s legal to unblock a country based limitation on the Internet.

3# Unlimited Usage

No need to worry about the daily or monthly limit. A premium can access the entire Internet without any limitation. Unlike other VPN providers, it provides the freedom to access the web at maximum speed.

4# More than 15 Servers

It will automatically pick the best connection for you. OkayFreedom has more than 15 servers to choose from. If your country is not available on this list, then it’ll pick the nearest and faster connection for your location. However, you can change the location any time you want.

5# Secure Your Connection

OkayFreedom VPN uses the extremely protected Blowfish encryption with 128 bits to protect you online. It doesn’t matter which browser are you using, you will be safe for sure online. In the case of public WIFI connection, it guards your computer against unauthenticated users.

How to Get OkayFreedom VPN Premium Code?

The free license code is a part of the official giveaway. You’ll get 1-year free OkayFreedom VPN Free Premium code by using the giveaway page. I am not sure for how long the giveaway is going to last. So, grab your serial key before it’s too late.

OkayFreedom VPN Premium Code

1) Visit the Promo Code Page here.

2) You need to enter your email id in the box, in order to get a key. Put your working email id here.

3) Untick the box, if you don’t want to receive further promotional emails in your inbox.

4) Verify that, you are not a robot and click on the blue button.

That’s it. You’ll receive a license along with the download link in our mailbox. Download OkayFreedom VPN and install it on your computer. It’ll be started showing on the System Tray of your computer. Click on the icon to enter the premium code. After putting the code, you’ll be a flat rate user.

This was all about OkayFreedom VPN Premium code 2018. Hope you like this software. Thi is the right time to secure your connection and hide your identity from online frauds.