A New Google Trick ‘fun facts’ to Keep You Entertained
February 2, 2024

A New Google Trick ‘fun facts’ to Keep You Entertained

Everybody knows about the current logo update of Google. It not only introduced a new design but also made some change on the algorithm. Now Google’s voice search is more effective than before. Apart of this, it has a new search trick you keep you entertained with a lot of general knowledge.
A New Google Trick
Are you feeling bored at work today and want to refresh your mind? Then, don’t worry, Google is with you. By typing few words, it’ll give more interesting knowledge about the globe. In the search box, just type “fun facts(without the quotation) and see the result. It’ll show you random funny facts. This is very interesting. Below the grey box, you’ll get a blue button named “ASK ANOTHER QUESTION” for another fact.
A New Google Trick Feeling Curious
By putting “I’m feeling curious” in the search box. You’ll get random general knowledge. Press the below “ASK ANOTHER QUESTION” button to get another one. In this way, you can generate endless random facts. I think it would be very helpful and interesting for kids and students to get countless facts to improve their knowledge about the world. If you already know about this, then ok. But, if not; then you should try this right now.

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