How to Make a Web Page Printer Friendly

Generally, a web page contains texts, images, videos, advertisements, etc. Sometimes we need to print a webpage for our project, seminar or for any reference. Have you ever tried to print a web page? If yes, then you sure know that how much difficult it is to get a clean printed page.
Make a Web Page Printer Friendly
The printed web page contains a lot of junks like, unwanted images, advertisements, navigation links, etc. This make the printed page disarray and unprofessional. This also wastes a lot of paper and ink. However, you always need a neat and clean printing for your professional work. However, you have to make a web page printer friendly before printing.

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By knowing the simple usage of CSS, you can easily do it. But, for a nontechnical person, it is so difficult and wastage of time. There is an online tool called PrintFriendly can easily do it for you in a couple of minutes. It eliminates all unwanted elements from a web page and gives a clean printed page. Let’s know how it works.

Make Web Page Printer Friendly

1) Open your web browser and navigate to PrintFriendly website.
2) Here you’ll get an address box. Put your desired web address in that box and click on the “Print Preview” button.
Make a Web Page Printer Friendly
3) It’ll take few seconds to convert that page into a printer friendly web page.
Make a Web Page Printer Friendly
Here you can remove all images of that page by just ticking on the “Remove Images” box. Decrease and Increase the page’s text size from 70% to 130%. If you found any unwanted element in that page, then delete them by just clicking on it. Is not it simple? It is an amazing tool I have ever seen.
Make a Web Page Printer Friendly
This is not the end. You can print it directly from your web browser or can send it via email or can make it as PDF document for further use. This tool can also be integrated into most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. Install the extension on your browser from the website and make web page printer friendly directly.