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Desktop Background Changes by Itself in Windows 10

Desktop Background Changes by Itself in Windows 10

This is a serious problem when desktop background changes by itself in Window 10. Now, there is no control over the Windows 10 updates. But, sometimes when the operating system update automatically causes some serious issues, like Windows 10...
how to find serial number on laptop

How to Keep a Laptop Cool During Summer Season

Summer is going to start. During this season, it is more necessary to take care of your gadgets otherwise, they would get damaged due to the cause of overheating. The most heat generating machine is your laptop. It produces...
Remove Old Chrome Versions

How to Remove Old Chrome Versions to Save Disk Space

One who uses the Internet must be acquainted about the Google chrome browser. It is one of the popular and most used web browser on the globe. Chrome regularly releases updates to fix the problems and to add new...
how to make computer faster

10 Killer Tips For How to Make Computer Faster Again

Computers and laptops are the most important device in our life. Almost all the functions are done by using a computer. But when your computer slows down it also slows down your work. The meaning of computer slows is...
Computer Clean Up

Everything You Need To Know About Computer Clean Up

Computer clean up is the technique to increase your computer performance, and you can do it with Disk Defragmentation. What is defragmentation? In a computer storage system, files not arrange sequentially, it is one type of inability. It is the...
Solve Auto Restart Problem

How to Solve Auto Restart Problem in Windows 7, Windows 8

Sometimes when there is an internal error that is either in hardware or in the driver, the Windows will automatically restart several times. This auto restart problem usually happens to detect and display the error message. The error message may...