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Show Tab Numbers in Google Chrome

How to Show Tab Numbers in Google Chrome

The popularity of chrome browser is growing rapidly due to its many innovative features. It is one of the fastest browser to surf the Internet smoothly. Tab is a second or further page that can be opened on a...
Google Chrome Extension

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing

We are always being told that a browser is everything for the internet. But why? It is only the option to access internet. That’s no doubt there are lots of methods out of a million that make your browser...
Block Sites On Chrome

How to Block Sites On Chrome in Simple Steps

The internet is the Ocean of information. You can access any information through the internet and the information is provided by websites. When you try to access any information or data from the internet, you must need a browser...
chrome parental controls

How to Set Parental Controls on Google Chrome

In the early days, parental control feature came with Televisions to prevent children from restricted channels. Now, it is in everywhere; on TV, Software, the Internet and many other things. In case of the Internet, parental control comes with content...
How to Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome

How to Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome

When we talk about messaging applications, then Whatsapp comes up to the first line. It is one of the most popular free messaging platform has finally presented the much anticipated feature that allows users the ability to access WhatsApp...
How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome

How to Create a Free Logo in Chrome

A logo is the brand of a website or a company. The big companies are known for their logos like Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, etc. When we think about a Facebook page or a twitter page, generally we need a...