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Turn Android into Windows

Turn Android into Windows like Desktop

There are millions of apps available in Google Play Store for Android devices. Android is based on Linux operating system. It is a big difference in looking in between Linux OS in your computer and Linux in your mobile...
Android System Battery Drain

20 Apps that Cause Android System Battery Drain

There are many apps that cause Android system battery drain, due to background running and high data consumption. Mainly the social apps that used to run in background and eat our mobile RAM, space, data, performance and heat-up the...
Best Android Camera Apps

5 Best Android Camera Apps for Mobile Photography 2019

Best Android Camera Apps 2019 Edition: Are you searching for the best camera app for Android? Then you’ll get thousands of Android camera app on Google Play Store. However, all are not so helpful as you required to enhance...
Best Android Gallery App

Fish Bowl : Best Lightweight Android Gallery App

Android’s Gallery app is the place where all photos and videos are display. The default gallery app comes with some basic features. So, if you are bored with your default app, then this is the time to try something...
Budget Gadget Lite

Budget Gadget Lite : Your Monthly Expense Worksheet

We always need money saving tips to save some money for the future purpose. You can easily save money by tracking your expenses. After end of the day, keep a pen and paper and note down, what you expense...