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Change Amazon Echo Alarm Sound

How to Change Amazon Echo Alarm Sound

Last week, I bought Amazon Echo Plus to my home. Really, this is a fantastic gadget, which helps me in different ways to increase my productivity. Buy, the default alarm tone is so smooth to wake a lazy person...
Enable Amazon Two-Step Verification

How to Enable Amazon Two-Step Verification to Enhance Account Security

Now, you can enable Amazon two-step verification to enhance your account's security. Undoubtedly, Amazon is world's largest online shopping website. It is available most of the countries. A variety of quality products and top notch customer service make it...
Update Kindle Software Manually

How to Update Kindle Software Manually

If you are not getting the OTA update, then you should know how to update Kindle software manually. Yesterday, when I tried to open an eBook of my local language, it shows a message that, you should update your...