How to Know the Uploader of Facebook Downloaded Image

If you have a lot of Facebook share images on your computer or mobile, and you want to know the uploader of that image, that what will you do? It is not a problem, but an interesting thing to know. Let’s know how to know the uploader or owner of any Image downloaded from Facebook.

How to Know the Facebook Image Owner

Whenever you download any image from FB, it comes with a large name of numbers. For an example:

[su_note note_color=”#fefea6″]11150811_364843980372186_1110489613810066595_n.png[/su_note]

You have to do one thing, that pickup the number in between first and second underscore (_). The picked number is 364843980372186.

In order to know the uploader of that image, type the address on the browser’s address bar and hit enter. Don’t forget to put the copied text after the facebook url like this.

It’ll land you on the page of the owner. This is a cool trick to know the uploader of Facebook share image which you have downloaded.

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