How to Keep a Laptop Cool During Summer Season
February 2, 2024

How to Keep a Laptop Cool During Summer Season

The laptop is a portable computer. All the internal parts of this gadget have been fabricated in a small machine. There are no proper ways to fix an overheated laptop, but you can control it.

How to Keep Laptop Cool in Summer?

How to Keep Laptop Cool in Summer
We all know heat is bad for our computer systems, but as the climate really begins to get hot out there, it is necessary to know just what circumstances could possibly cause issues. Here I have shared some useful and quite powerful tips to keep your laptop cool from overheating.

Cleanse of CPU or laptop Battery and Fan

There is the chance of heating if the CPU or laptop battery is covered with dust. So it is necessary to clean up them once in every one or two months to cool down laptop without cooling pad. Must read the article on, everything you need to know about computer clean up.

Things required for cleaning up

  • Screwdriver: To open the back of CPU or laptop
  • Canned air: It is also called as the gas duster. It is used for the cleaning of electronic devices. It is easily available in the market.

How to do?

At first, remove the CPU or laptop battery from the system to clean up them. Then blow them with canned air, as a result of which the dust particles within them get removed. It should be kept in mind that the pressure should not high during the cleanse of the fan in CPU.

What should not do

  • Don’t try to clean up with wet clothes
  • Don’t try to bend the blades of the fan in CPU
  • Don’t use the system for a longer time if the fan in CPU does not work otherwise overheating may cause.
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Cooling Kit

Basically, the users can apply cooling kit of different shapes having ranges from Rs.300-3000, easily available in the market. If the laptop is old then there must arise the cooling problem due to more usage. In that case, an additional cooling fan is used. A cooling pad prevents a laptop from overheating and keep it cool during summer.

Tips to buy a cooling kit

  • Buy a laptop fan according to the size of your laptop. If the fan is wrong, then the heated air may enter into the
  • laptop which leads to the rise of more problems.
  • Show the laptop to the vendor before bringing a laptop fan.
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Keep in Mind where the Laptop is Placed

The computer processor generates the maximum amount of heat. So, in maximum laptops, the heated air is drained out from the back side. When the laptop is placed on a pillow or a blanket, proper air ventilation cannot occur. But if the laptop is placed on a plane surface or plate, the possibility of heating may reduce. This is the answer, how to keep laptop cool in summer.

  • Cooling met can be used in place of a cooling fan. The heating problem may reduce by placing the laptop over a cooling met.
  • If you don’t want to use a cooling met then you can use the laptop by placing it on a hard surface. If you are using the laptop on your bed then put a book or a piece of stick below the laptop so that the flow of the heated air can be continued from the back side.
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Take Care of your Battery

It is very much necessary to take care of the laptop battery during summer. For this, follow some steps described below. This might help you to keep your laptop cool during summer.

  • Keep away your laptop while charging. Don’t keep the charger nearer to your body.
  • Remove the charger after the battery gets fully charged.
  • Don’t use the laptop repeatedly if the battery is getting heated soon.
  • Change your battery if it gets heated soon even after the use of a cooling kit. If the laptop is getting discharged soon then frequent attachment of charger may cause the heating problem to the laptop. So it is better to replace the battery.

Final Words

This is all about how to keep laptop cool in summer heat. These are some basic but quite powerful ways to make your laptop not overheat. If you have any suggestion to cool down a laptop, then feel free to share with us.

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