Features to Know About Jolla Sailfish OS

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Open Source Platform

Sailfish is an open source mobile operating system based on Linux kernel like Android. That means anyone can use it free of cost, but it is highly customized and optimized for mobile. A user can easily get the source code, but customization is hard.

Android Compatible

Jolla Sailfish has built-in capability for Android applications. A user with Sailfish can download android apps from play store. That means no tension about your favorite application, you can enjoy them easily.

Gesture Based UI

The UI is looks like Blackberry 10 OS and little much similar to Android and Windows UI. There are no physical or virtual buttons below the screen or on the phone to operate it. It is fully a gesture based for live multitasking. Gestures save your time to operate it faster. For example, from the home screen you can swipe up to accessibility the app launcher and swipe down to go back home. You’ll also use pulling and swiping motions to create choices and launch menu within applications as well.

One Hand Operated

Bigger screen doesn’t mean that you’ll face a problem to operate. Sailfish is a master for one hand operation using, tapping, pressing, swiping and dragging gestures. Using gesture feature a user can easily operate it with one hand. It is a little bit thicker, but there is no problem with this.