iMobie AnyTrans Review (2018) – A True iTunes Killer?
February 1, 2024

iMobie AnyTrans Review (2018) – A True iTunes Killer?


Thanks to iMobie for giving me a chance to test their latest release AnyTrans 6.3.0. It is developed as a useful software with ease of use. It actually offers a fast speed to transfer files between iPhone, iPad, iPod, and PC/Mac. Well, let’s know more about this utility tool.

What is iMobie AnyTrans?

iMobie AnyTrans is a file manager for iOS devices that is significantly excellent to iTunes in virtually every manner. It can transfer any kind of media from the computer to your iOS device to computer and vice-versa. It’s able to create, edit and manage music playlists, transcode movies to perform on the iOS device with no incompatibility issue whilst retaining crisp pictures. AnyTrans is also able to manage and backup app data to your computer.

Here I have shared a couple of points about this software which can defeat other iTunes alternatives in many ways. After reading this review, you will have a very clear knowledge of the reason why this is among the best programs out there.

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Features of AnyTrans I Really Like

Here I have listed some of the features I really like about iMobie AnyTrans. These features make it the best iTunes alternative.

1. Design

iMobie AnyTrans Design

The first thing I like about this tool is, the user interface. Once you connect your device in your computer the home screen starts showing some helpful shortcuts to common tasks; such as Merge Device, Add Content, Connect to PC/Device/iTunes, Fast Drive, and Clone Device. The floating bubbles are well designed with attractive colors.

AnyTrans is available for both Windows and Mac systems, but these screenshots are taken from a Windows PC. The UI is also same for the Mac system with minor changes.

2. Manage iOS Contents

iMobie AnyTrans iOS Management

If you scroll the mouse wheel or click the top button on the right side of the screen, you see a content management screen. This window is quite useful to manage your contents in an organized way. Here your media is divided into various groups, and you can also access your apps, contacts, Messages, Calendars and Voice Mails.

You just have to choose a category and it’ll show you all the app inside that section. You can quickly add, delete and transfer these media or data to your PC. This feature makes AnyTrans an iTunes killer.

3. Backup Manager

iMobie AnyTrans Backup Manager

There are two types of Backup manager available at the top of the screen. The Backup Manager allows you to take a complete backup of your iDevice or you can also view the existing backup files for all your devices currently stored on your computer, including their contents.

The Air Backuscheduledr allows you to to take a complete backup of your iPhone or iPad remotely using your WIFI connection. You can connect a Wireless storage device to your computer to do scheduled backups via WIFI.

4. Move Data from Android to iOS

iMobie AnyTrans Android to iOS

Just recently switched you smartphone from Android to iOS and worried about the data transfer; here is the solution for you. Connect your Android and iOS devices to your computer and follow the simple instructions to get connected properly.

After granting few permissions, AnyTrans will install an app on your Android phone to view your media files like the content management tool. Here, you can select your desired data like Music, Movies, Ringtones, Books, Contacts, Messages, etc. To your iOS device.

5. iCloud Manager

iMobie AnyTrans iCloud Manager

AnyTrans also offers an iCloud Management tool. It’s an easy way to access the files on your iCloud backup. This is totally a different interface from the one you see on Here, you can view, import and export iCloud data, even sync across multiple iCloud accounts.

6. The Media Downloader

iMobie AnyTrans Media Downloader

This is the last, but not the least feature I like on AnyTrans. It has a dedicated media downloader, which allows you to download and transfer video files from the popular online streaming websites including YouTube, Metacafe, Instagram to your iDevice and also to the PC.

What I don’t Like about AnyTrans

I don’t understand, why AnyTrans requires an Internet connection to transfer media files to my iPhone. You can transfer any media offline with iTunes, but you can’t do it here. If you ignore this feature, then iMobie AnyTrans could be the best iTunes alternative.

For a single computer license, $39.99 is quite expensive while the 5-users license costs $59.99. But, if you are as sick of iTunes as I am, then this is the best lifetime investment for your iPhone or iPad. Because, iMobie offers a lifetime free upgrade when you purchase. AnyTrans is an extremely powerful tool to manage iOS devices and I can say a true iTunes killer.

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